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Christina Atanasova

Associate Dean of Research and PhD Program

Professor, Finance

Philip Hochstein Fellow


Room: SGL 4420

Phone: 778.782.9689



PhD Finance (Leeds), MS Finance (York)


Christina Atanasova is a Professor of Finance, the Philip Hochstein Research Fellow, and the Associate Dean, Research and PhD Program at the Beedie School of Business. She holds an MSc in Finance from the University of York and a PhD in Finance from Leeds University Business School. She joined SFU in 2007, from the University of York where she held a tenure-track position (2004-2007).

Research Interests

Empirical corporate finance, corporate governance, climate finance, financial institutions.

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Atanasova, C., & Weisskopf, J. P. (2020). The price of international equity ETFs: The role of relative liquidity. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 65.

Atanasova, C., Li, M., Mugerman, Y., & Rastan, M. (2019). Government guarantees and the risk-taking of financial institutions: evidence from a regulatory experiment. Journal of Asset Management, 20(6), 476-492.

Atanasova, C., & Li, M. (2019). Do all diversified firms hold less cash? The role of product market competition. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 59, 134-152.

Atanasova, C., & Li, M. (2018). Multi-market trading and liquidity: Evidence from cross-listed companies. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 53, 117-138.

Blair, A. J., Atanasova, C., Pitt, L., Chan, A., & Wallstrom, Å. (2017). Assessing brand equity in the luxury wine market by exploiting tastemaker scores. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 26(5), 447-452.

Treen, E., Atanasova, C., Pitt, L., & Johnson, M. (2016). Evidence From a Large Sample on the Effects of Group Size and Decision-Making Time on Performance in a Marketing Simulation Game. Journal of Marketing Education, 38(2), 130-137.

Atanasova, C., Gatev, E., & Shapiro, D. (2016). The corporate governance and financing of small-cap firms in Canada. Managerial Finance, 42(3), 244-269.

Gebka, B., Hudson, R. S., & Atanasova, C. V. (2015). The benefits of combining seasonal anomalies and technical trading rules. Finance Research Letters, 14, 36-44.

Atanasova, C., & Gatev, E. (2013). Pension plan risk-taking: Does it matter if the sponsor is publicly-traded? Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 12(2), 218-249.

Atanasova, C. (2012). How Do Firms Choose Between Intermediary and Supplier Finance? Financial Management, 41(1), 207-228.

Atanasova, C., & Hrazdil, K. (2010). Why do healthy firms freeze their defined-benefit pension plans? Global Finance Journal, 21(3), 293-303.

Atanasova, C. V., & Hudson, R. S. (2010). Technical trading rules and calendar anomalies - Are they the same phenomena? Economics Letters, 106(2), 128-130.

Hudson, R. S., & Atanasova, C. V. (2009). "Equity returns at the turn of the month": further confirmation and insights. Financial Analysts Journal, 65(4), 14-16.

Atanasova, C. V., & Gang, J. (2008). The decline in the volatility of the business cycles in the UK. Manchester School, 76(SUPPL. 1), 14-36.

Atanasova, C. (2007). Access to institutional finance and the use of trade credit. Financial Management, 36(1), 49-67.

Atanasova, C. V., & Wilson, N. (2004). Disequilibrium in the UK corporate loan market. Journal of Banking and Finance, 28(3), 595-614.

Atanasova, C. (2003). Credit market imperfections and business cycle dynamics: A nonlinear approach. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, 7(4).

books chapters and monographs

Abadir, K., & Atanasova, C. (2022). Where (and by How Much) Does a Theory Break Down? With an Application to the Expectation Hypothesis. Essays in Honor of M. Hashem Pesaran: Panel Modeling, Micro Applications, and Econometric Methodology. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.