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Evan Gatev

Associate Professor, Finance


Room: WMC 3313

Phone: 778.782.3749


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Ph.D. (Yale), M.Fin (Yale), M.S. Math (Yale), B.A. (Belmont Abbey College)


Associate Professor of Finance Evan Gatev joined the Beedie School of Business in 2008 from Boston College, Massachusetts where he was an Assistant Professor. Evan, who holds a PhD in finance from Yale University, has also worked in the finance industry where he consulted for hedge funds in New York and worked in investment management in Hong Kong. His research into trading strategies, banking and financial institutions has been published in top academic journals.

Research Interests

trading strategies, banks, hedge funds and financial institutions, big data machine learning, high frequency trading,

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Gatev, E., Gladish, N., Mostafavi, S., & Kobor, M. S. (2020). CoMeBack: DNA Methylation Array Data Analysis for Co-Methylated Regions. Bioinformatics, 1-11.

Roberts, A., Gladish, N., Gatev, E., Jones, M., Chen, Y., MacIsaac, J., ... Kobor, M. (2018). Exposure to childhood abuse is associated with human sperm DNA methylation. Translational Psychiatry, 8(2018), 1-11.

McEwen, L., Gatev, E., Jones, M., MacIsaac, J., McAllister, M., Goulding, R., ... Ashe, M. (2018). DNA methylation signatures in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from a lifestyle intervention for women at midlife: A pilot RCT. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 43(3), 233-239.

Morin, A., Gatev, E., McEwen, L., MacIsaac, J., Lin, D., Koen, N., ... Jones, M. (2017). Maternal blood contamination of collected cord blood can be identified using DNA methylation at three CpGs. Clinical Epigenetics, 9 (1)(75), 1-9.

Gatev, E., & Li, M. (2017). Hedge funds as international liquidity providers: evidence from convertible bond arbitrage in Canada. Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, 31(2), 117-136.

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Atanasova, C., & Gatev, E. (2013). Pension plan risk-taking: Does it matter if the sponsor is publicly-traded? Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 12(2), 218-249.

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