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Fereshteh Mahmoudian

Associate Professor, Accounting


Room: WMC 3357

Phone: 778.782.4068



BSc, MA Econ, PhD, CPA, CGA

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Herremans, I., Hedges, P., Mahmoudian, F., Kleffner, A., & Tahir, M. (2023). The Paradox of the Payday Borrower: A Case Study of the Role of Planned Behavior in Borrowers’ Motivations and Experiences. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 16(5).

Mahmoudian, F., Nazari, J. A., & Herremans, I. M. (2022). Sustainability control system components, reporting and performance. Corporate Governance (Bingley), 22(4), 633-652.

Mahmoudian, F., & Jermias, J. (2022). The influence of governance structure on the relationship between pay ratio and environmental and social performance. Business Strategy and the Environment.

Lu, J., Mahmoudian, F., Yu, D., Nazari, J. A., & Herremans, I. M. (2021). Board interlocks, absorptive capacity, and environmental performance. Business Strategy and the Environment, 30(8), 3425-3443.

Hrazdil, K., Mahmoudian, F., & Nazari, J. A. (2021). Executive personality and sustainability: Do extraverted chief executive officers improve corporate social responsibility? Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 28(6), 1564-1578.

Mahmoudian, F., Nazari, J. A., Gordon, I. M. M., & Hrazdil, K. (2021). CEO personality and language use in CSR reporting. Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility, 30(3), 338-359.

Lu, J., Yu, D., Mahmoudian, F., Nazari, J. A., & Herremans, I. M. (2021). Board interlocks and greenhouse gas emissions. Business Strategy and the Environment, 30(1), 92-108.

Mahmoudian, F., Lu, J., Yu, D., Nazari, J. A., & Herremans, I. M. (2021). Inter-and intra-organizational stakeholder arrangements in carbon management accounting. British Accounting Review, 53(1), 100933.

Nazari, J. A., Hrazdil, K., & Mahmoudian, F. (2017). Assessing social and environmental performance through narrative complexity in CSR reports. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, 13(2), 166-178.

Herremans, I. M., Nazari, J. A., & Mahmoudian, F. (2016). Stakeholder Relationships, Engagement, and Sustainability Reporting. Journal of Business Ethics, 138(3), 417-435.

books chapters and monographs

Mahmoudian, F., Nazari, J. A., Kline, T. J., & Herremans, I. M. (2018). Survey Research in Management Accounting: An update. Methodological Issues in Accounting Research: Theories and Methods 2nd Edition (pp. 528-561). Spiramus Publishing.