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Feyza Sahinyazan

Assistant Professor, Technology and Operations Management / Business and Society


Room: WMC 4365

Phone: 778.782.5720


Curriculum Vitae: View


Ph.D (McGill University), M.Sc., B.Sc. Industrial Engineering (Bilkent University)


Feyza G. Sahinyazan is an assistant professor in the Technology and Operations Management and Business and Society departments at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University. Her main research focus is humanitarian aid supply chains, particularly in long-term food and energy access problems. She is also interested in socially responsible operations management practices. She has served as SFU’s Inaugural Sustainability Advisory Council member and was an SFU delegate to the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP 28). Throughout her research projects, she has worked on data-driven operations management problems in collaboration with public sector actors and NGOs such as the UN's World Food Programme, UNHCR Turkey, Montreal Children's Hospital, and Turkish Red Crescent. She has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO), the data science hub of HEC Montreal, after receiving her Ph.D. in Operations Management from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.


Check out her YouTube Channel dedicated to Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management: SUSChains

Research Interests

Humanitarian Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Transportation Network Design, Data-driven Decision Making, Socially Responsible Operations.

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Demir, S. M., Sahinyazan, F. G., Kara, B. Y., & Buluc, E. (2024). No Country for Young Refugees: Barriers and Opportunities for Inclusive Refugee Education Practices. Production and Operations Management.

Duran, S., Hrenyk, J., Sahinyazan, F. G., & Salmon, E. (2024). Re-righting renewable energy research with Indigenous communities in Canada. Journal of Cleaner Production, 445, 141264.

Sahinyazan, F. G., & Araz, O. M. (2022). An alternative vaccine prioritization approach in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 12(4), 532-553.

Sahinyazan, F. G., & Duran, S. (2021, November). B.C. floods reveal fragile food supply chains - 4 ways to manage the crisis now and in the future. Conversation.

Duran, A. S., & Sahinyazan, F. G. (2021). An analysis of renewable mini-grid projects for rural electrification. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 77(October), article 100999.

Sahinyazan, F. G., & Duran, S. (2021, August). Why renewable energy 'mini-grids' in remote communities fail and how to avoid it? Conversation.

Sahinyazan, F. G., Rancourt, M. È., & Verter, V. (2021). Food Aid Modality Selection Problem. Production and Operations Management, 30(4), 965-983.

Sahinyazan, F. G., Rancourt, M. È., & Verter, V. (2021). Improving Transportation Procurement in the Humanitarian Sector: A Data-driven Approach for Abnormally Low Bid Detection. Production and Operations Management, 30(4), 1082-1109.

Duran, A. S., & Sahinyazan, F. G. (2021). Meta-analysis data of 104 renewable mini-grid projects for rural electrification. Data in Brief, 34, 106739.

Şahinyazan, F. G., Kara, B. Y., & Taner, M. R. (2015). Selective vehicle routing for a mobile blood donation system. European Journal of Operational Research, 245(1), 22-34.