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Gervase Bushe

Professor of Leadership and Organization Development, Management and Organization Studies


Room: WMC 4315

Phone: 778.782.4104


Curriculum Vitae: View


In 2016, Dr. Gervase Bushe, Professor of Leadership and Organization Development, was added to HR Magazine's list of the 30 most influential HR thinkers in the world and, in 2017, was voted into the top 10. He studies organizational change, organizational learning, leadership and leadership development, teams and team building, change agents and change agentry. He has twice won the Douglas McGregor Award for his research. His 2009 book, Clear Leadership, has been translated into 9 languages.  His influential,  co-authoured book, Dialogic Organization Development: The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change (2015) was translated into Japanese (Eiji, 2018) and is being translated into Chinese. His most recent book is The Dynamics of Generative Change (2020) which is being translated into Japanese. With an extensive background in helping leaders create great organizations, Gervase consults with major corporations such as Business Objects, Telus, General Motors, the Vancouver Island and Fraser Health Authorities, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and ACL Analytics. His leadership development programs are licensed for delivery around the world.  Through the Bushe-Marhsak Institute for Dialogic Organization Development, he edits and publishes the BMI series of books on Dialogic OD.

A chapter describing the evolution and impact of Gervase's work was commissioned for the The Palgrave Handbook of Organizational Change Thinkers,

In addition to his academic pursuits, Gervase, the father of two young adults, enjoys playing guitar and hiking the North Shore mountains with his dog.

Research Interests

Leadership, organizational change and development, groups and teamwork, consulting and change agentry.

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Bushe, G. R., & Lewis, S. (2023). Three change strategies in organization development: data-based, high engagement and generative. Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 44(2), 173-188.

Bushe, G. (2019). Generative Leadership. Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership, 5(3).

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Bushe, G., & Marshak, R. J. (2016). The dialogic mindset: Leading emergent change in a complex world. Organization Development Journal, 34(1), 37-65.

Bushe, G. R., & Paranjpey, N. (2015). Comparing the Generativity of Problem Solving and Appreciative Inquiry: A Field Experiment. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 51(3), 309-335.

Bushe, G. R., & Chu, A. (2011). Fluid teams: Solutions to the problems of unstable team membership. Organizational Dynamics, 40(3), 181-188.

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Bushe, G. R., & Coetzer, G. H. (2007). Group development and team effectiveness: Using cognitive representations to measure group development and predict task performance and group viability. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 43(2), 184-212.

books chapters and monographs

Bushe, G. (2020). The Dynamics of Generative Change. Bushe-Marshak Institute for Dialogic Organization Development (BMI).

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Bushe, G. R., & Marshak, R. J. (2017). Valuing both the journey and the destination in organization development. In Jamieson, D. W., Church, A. H., & Vogelsang, J. D. (Eds.), Enacting Values-Based Change: Organization Development in Action (pp. 87-97). Palgrave Macmillan.

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Bushe, G. R. (2013). Generative process, generative outcome: The transformational potential of appreciative inquiry. In Cooperrider, D. L., Boland, B., Avital, M., Godwin, L. N., Zandee, D. P., Cooperrider, D. L., Boland, B., Avital, M., Godwin, L., Zandee, D. P., Cooperrider, D. L., Zandee, D. P., Godwin, L. N., Avital, M., & Boland, B. (Eds.), Organizational generativity: The appreciative inquiry summit and a scholarship of transformation (Advances in appreciative inquiry, Vol. 4). Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

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