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Giuseppe Sarmiento Vuckovic

Acting Associate Director, MSc Finance Careers


Room: SGL 1800



As the Assoc. Director, MSc Finance Careers, Giuseppe provides career programming and support to graduate students in the Master of Science in Finance program. His job is to help students gain better self-understanding, make informed career decisions and have appealing self-marketing tools and skills ready to pursue a better career as well as be a connector to industry professionals and alumni.

Giuseppe has a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and worked for Scotiabank Peru in their Corporate Finances division, then in 2016, he moved to Canada to study Master's degree in Human Resources. He joined a recruiting start-up in Vancouver to later transition to Randstad as an engineering recruiter. Following his passion for helping people, he helped create and scale-up Next Badge, a company dedicated to helping professionals land their dream careers.

When not working, Giuseppe enjoys singing (at a very beginner level), working out, and helping people to the best of his abilities.