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Jeffrey Yip

Assistant Professor, Management & Organization Studies


Room: SGL 3305

Phone: 778.782.6803



Ph.D. Organizational Behavior (Boston University), M.Ed. Human Development and Psychology (Harvard)


Jeffrey Yip is an Assistant Professor of Management at the Beedie School of Business. His research is in the areas of work relationships, career development, and leadership. His professional experience includes work in leadership development at the Center for Creative Leadership, as co-founder of the Halogen Foundation in Singapore, and as a consultant to public and private organizations. 

Prior to SFU, Jeffrey taught graduate courses in organizational psychology, interpersonal dynamics, and talent management at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) and Boston University. At CGU, he directed the Talent Science Lab and served as an advisor to the Accenture Talent Innovation Lab. He currently directs ListeningWorks - a research initiative on listening and serves as representative-at-large for the Academy of Management Careers Division.

His work has been supported by research fellowships and awards, including a Fulbright Scholarship, the Lim Kim San Fellowship from Singapore Management University, a research fellowship from the Learning Innovations Laboratory (LILA) at Harvard University, and the Arnon Reichers Best Paper award from the Academy of Management.

Research Interests

Work Relationships, Career Development, Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Yip, J., & Fisher, C. M. (2022). Listening in Organizations: A synthesis and future agenda. Academy of Management Annals, 16(2), 657-679.

Yip, J., & Walker, D. O. (2021). Leaders mentoring others: the effects of implicit followership theory on leader integrity and mentoring. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 33(13), 2688-2718.

Yip, J., Trainor, L. L., Black, H., Soto-Torres, L., & Reichard, R. J. (2020). Coaching new leaders: A relational process of integrating multiple identities. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 19(4), 503-520.

Yip, J., Li, H., Ensher, E. A., & Murphy, S. E. (2020). Beyond Logic and Intuition: Development and Validation of a Career Discernment Scale. Journal of Career Development, 48(6), 831-848.

Walker, D. O., & Yip, J. (2018). Paying it forward? The mixed effects of organizational inducements on executive mentoring. Human Resource Management, 57(5), 1189-1203.

Yip, J., Ehrhardt, K., Black, H., & Walker, D. O. (2018). Attachment theory at work: A review and directions for future research. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39(2), 185-198.

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Chandler, D. E., Kram, K. E., & Yip, J. (2011). An ecological systems perspective on mentoring at work: A review and future prospects. Academy of Management Annals, 5(1), 519-570.

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Yip, J., Twohill, E., Ernst, C., & Munusamy, V. P. (2010). Leadership in faith-based nonprofits: The power of identity boundaries to bind and blind. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 20(4), 461-472.

books chapters and monographs

Hennessy, G., & Yip, J. (2021). Career decision making. In Tosti-Kharas, J., & Murphy, W. (Eds.), Handbook of Research Methods in Careers (pp. 103-119). Edward Elgar Publishing (UK).

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Chrobot-Mason, D., Yip, J., & Yu, A. J. (2015). Leading beyond "we": The nature and consequences of a boundary spanning mindset. In Roberts, L. M., Wooten, L. P., & Davidson, M. N. (Eds.), Positive organizing in a global society: Understanding and engaging differences for capacity building and inclusion (pp. 105-109). Taylor & Francis Ltd.

Hall, D. T., Yip, J., & Barbera, K. M. (2014). Career Cultures and Climates in Organizations. In Schneider, B. (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate (pp. 215-234). Oxford University Press.