Judy Zaichkowsky

  • Professor, Marketing
  • B.H.Ec. (British Columbia), M.Sc. (Guelph), Ph.D. (UCLA)

    Segal Room: SGL 3765
    Segal Phone: 778.782.8591
    Burnaby Room: WMC 4383
    Burnaby Phone: 778.782.5554

    Email Address: zaichkow@sfu.ca

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    Judy Zaichkowsky is Professor of Marketing in the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. Her knowledge and expertise on the role of involvement in consumer research has had a major impact on the field of marketing with almost 7000 citations to date: Zaichkowsky, Judith Lynne (1985), "Measuring the Involvement Construct," Journal of Consumer Research, 12(December), 341-352. This 1985 Journal of Consumer Research paper on the involvement construct has been translated and reprinted in many languages and in journals across the globe and is also recognized as one of the most influential articles in the field of advertising: cited in ìPeer Evaluation and Readership of Influential Contributions to the Advertising Literatureî, Fred Beard, Journal of Advertising, Winter 2002, pp. 65-76. In 2013 Dr Zaichkowsky was the Recipient of the 2013 C.W. Park award for outstanding contribution to Consumer Psychology: Reimann, M., J.L Zaichkowsky, C. Neuhaus, T. Bender and B. Weber (2010), ìAesthetic package design: A Behavioral, Neural, and Psychological Investigationî, Journal of Consumer Psychology. 20(4), 431-441. This paper focused on how unknown brands can beat well known brands at a higher price with aesthetic packaging. Other recognition in her field includes being a featured Researcher in the American Academy of Advertising, Newsletter, June 2007. In 2003, Dr. Zaichkowsky received a Centenary Award from the University of Guelph for her contributions to Consumer Research. Dr. Zaichkowsky's research interests have evolved since then and currently include issues relating to neuro consumer decision making, design , counterfeiting, brand imitation, trademark infringement, and gift giving. She has authored a ten year study on the effect of women on Boards of directors, and she herself served for five years on SFUís Board Of Governors. Dr. Zaichkowsky has also written five editions of the leading Consumer Behaviour textbook in Canada. She is the author of The Psychology Behind Trademark Infringement and Counterfeiting (2005). Further, many of the issues she addresses in her research are extremely important in today's marketplace and it is for this reason that she has been asked to serve as an expert witness and advisor to corporations and organizations. In addition to her own research success, Dr. Zaichkowsky, brings a perspective that has been shaped by a wealth of experience that includes serving as a MBA program director, teaching and researching in a variety of countries, and serving on the review boards to many of the best journals in marketing. She is currently teaching Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour and Retailing Berlin, the Beedie field school.

    Research Interests

    Questionnaire Design, Measuring Abstract Constructs, Trademark Infringement, Brand Imitation, Consumer Behaviour, Counterfeiting, brand management, women on Boards

    Selected Publications

    Articles and Reports

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    Books, Book Chapters and Monographs

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    Teaching Related Material

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