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Lieke ten Brummelhuis

Academic Director, MBA

Associate Professor, Management and Organization Studies


Room: WMC 4327

Phone: 778.782.4150


Curriculum Vitae: View


PhD (Utrecht University), MA (Utrecht University), BA (Utrecht University)


Lieke ten Brummelhuis is an Associate Professor of Management and Organization Studies at SFU’s Beedie School of Business. She received her PhD in organizational sociology from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Lieke’s research interests are related to employee well-being including employee recovery, workaholism, work-life balance, and flexible work designs. She is motivated to find an answer to the question of why people work in the way they do, and what work styles improve work outcomes, work-life balance, and well-being. Her work has been published in top academic journals such as American Psychologist, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, and Journal of Organizational Behavior and popluar academic outlets such as Harvard Business Review.

Research Interests

Work-home processes, Work-life balance, Employee recovery, Workaholism, Work motivation, Stress, Teamwork, and New work designs.

Selected Publications

articles and reports

ten Brummelhuis, L. L., Calderwood, C., Rosen, C. C., & Gabriel, A. S. (2022). Is physical activity before the end of the workday a drain or a gain? Daily implications on work focus in regular exercisers. Journal of Applied Psychology, 107(10), 1864-1877.

Calderwood, C., Breaux, R., ten Brummelhuis, L. L., Mitropoulos, T., & Swanson, C. S. (2022). When daily challenges become too much during COVID-19: Implications of family and work demands for work-life balance among parents of children with special needs. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 27(5), 516-527.

Calderwood, C., Gabriel, A. S., ten Brummelhuis, L., Rosen, C. C., & Rost, E. (2021). Understanding the relationship between prior to end-of-workday physical activity and work-life balance: A within-person approach. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(8), 1239-1249.

ten Brummelhuis, L., ter Hoeven, C. L., & Toniolo-Barrios, M. (2021). Staying in the loop: Is constant connectivity to work good or bad for work performance? Journal of Vocational Behavior.

Calderwood, C., ten Brummelhuis, L. L., Patel, A. S., Watkins, T., Gabriel, A. S., & Rosen, C. C. (2021). Employee Physical Activity: A Multidisciplinary Integrative Review. Journal of Management, 47(1), 144-170.

ten Brummelhuis, L., & Greenhaus, J. H. (2019, March). When Juggling Work and Family, Women Offer More Emotional Support Than Men. Harvard Business Review.

ten Brummelhuis, L. L., & Greenhaus, J. H. (2018). How role jugglers maintain relationships at home and at work: A gender comparison. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(12), 1265-1282.

ten Brummelhuis, L., & Rothbard, N. P. (2018, March). How being a workaholic differs from working long hours -- and why that matters for your health. Harvard Business Review.

ten Brummelhuis, L., Rothbard, N. P., & Uhrich, B. (2017). Beyond nine to five: Is working to excess bad for health? Academy of Management Discoveries, 3(3), 262-283.

ten Brummelhuis, L. L., Johns, G., Lyons, B. J., & ter Hoeven, C. L. (2016). Why and when do employees imitate the absenteeism of co-workers? Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 134, 16-30.

Ten Brummelhuis, L. L., & Trougakos, J. P. (2014). The recovery potential of intrinsically versus extrinsically motivated off-job activities. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 87(1), 177-199.

Ten Brummelhuis, L. L., Haar, J. M., & Roche, M. (2014). Does Family Life Help to be a Better Leader? A Closer Look at Crossover Processes From Leaders to Followers. Personnel Psychology, 67(4), 917-949.

Ten Brummelhuis, L. L., ter Hoeven, C. L., de Jong, M. D., & Peper, B. (2013). Exploring the linkage between the home domain and absence from work: Health, motivation, or both? Journal of Organizational Behavior, 34(3), 273-290.

ten Brummelhuis, L. L., & Bakker, A. B. (2012). A resource perspective on the work-home interface: The work-home resources model. American Psychologist, 67(7), 545-556.

Ten Brummelhuis, L. L., Ter Hoeven, C. L., Bakker, A. B., & Peper, B. (2011). Breaking through the loss cycle of burnout: The role of motivation. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 84(2), 268-287.

ten Brummelhuis, L. L., van der Lippe, T., & Kluwer, E. S. (2010). Family involvement and helping behavior in teams. Journal of Management, 36(6), 1406-1431.