Lindsay Meredith

Retired Faculty, Marketing

Professor Emeritus, Marketing


Room: WMC 4334

Phone: 778.782.5554


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B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Simon Fraser)


  • Lindsay Meredith is a Professor of Marketing at Simon Fraser University. His research areas focus on business-to-business and strategic marketing. Areas of specialization include demand estimation, marketing strategy, customer profiles, marketing data and databank analyses. He also sits on the review boards of a number of publications, including the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing and Industrial Marketing Management. Publications include articles in Harvard’s Review of Economics and Statistics, Columbia Journal of World Business and Oxford’s Forum on Public Policy. He has one article that was selected by Emerald Publishing for the top 50 out of 15,000 articles from 400 business journals world wide. Two books have been co-authored with his business-to-business marketing text selling internationally. Dr. Meredith’s 33 years of business experience are both in multinational corporations as a senior sales analyst and as a commodity broker on the North American rail market. He has three decades of consulting experience to multinationals and senior levels of government.
  • Lindsay has completed over 1800 interviews for national and international media. TV interviews include, BBC London and BBC World News, Xinhua News (Chinese national news agency) and all Canadian national and international broadcast stations. Radio broadcasts have been done for American Public Broadcast Radio and Voice of America (30 million listeners) as well as syndicated American radio (500 stations). Print interviews have been completed for the New York Observer; Liberation (French national daily paper); The London Daily Telegraph; Sing Tao and Sing Pao; (national Chinese papers) Time Magazine; Newsweek Magazine; National Agence France­-Presse (AFP); and Bloomberg’s Business News Wire. Internet interviews include Huffington Post among many others. 

Research Interests

Business marketing, demand estimation, market strategy, marketing management information systems.

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Meredith, L. (2016). Multiple marketing plans: an analytical template. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 31(4), 519-530.

Poitras, G., & Meredith, L. (2009). Ethical transparency and economic medicalization. Journal of Business Ethics, 86(3), 313-325.

Meredith, L., & Poitras, G. (2008). Ethical transparency and government regulation of Canada's medical research industry. Forum on Public Policy, 2008(1), 1-26.

Meredith, L. (2007). Scanning for market threats. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 22(4/5), 211-219.

Meredith, L. (2006). A diagrammatical template for business market demand estimation. Industrial Marketing Management, 35(4), 431-445.

Meredith, L., & Maki, D. (2001). Product cannibalization and the role of prices. Applied Economics, 33, 1785-1793.

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Meredith, L. (1984). U.S. multinational investment in Canadian manufacturing industries. Review of Economics and Statistics, 66, 111-119.