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Lisa Papania teaches product development, innovation and business marketing - with a focus on sustainability and creating a circular, community-focused economy - at Simon Fraser University's Beedie School of Business. She has a PhD from SFU in Canada, and an MBA from Wits Business School in South Africa. Her research interests include: how individuals create ideas; how and under what conditions individuals successfully communicate their ideas to others; and which environments and circumstances support the development of innovations and effective performance in teams. She has extensive experience at major multiñnational corporations developing products and leading product development teams in environments facing numerous social and sustainability challenges. As a case writer, she has written many teaching cases that require students to ëunpackí, understand and grapple with complex problems in which the interests of business and society are intertwined. Her teaching focuses on engaging students in developing innovative solutions in consideration of local and broader social and environmental issues, especially focusing on reducing and diverting waste and uplifting local communities. Lisa has published articles, case studies and book chapters on innovation and sustainability.

Research Interests

Product development and innovation; Sustainability/ circular economy; Idea-sharing, collaboration, team communication and performance

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Papania, L., & Rowan, M. (2015). The circular economy: 11 case studies from the Lower Mainland. Vancouver, Canada: Vancouver Economic Commission.

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Teaching Related Material

Papania, L. (2015). Forming Business Relationships to Learn about Forming Business Relationships. Burnaby, Canada: SFU Teaching and Learning Centre.

Shapiro, D., Vahcic, A., & Papania, L. (2008). Seaway: Building boats in Slovenia. In Aidis, R., & Welter, F. (Eds.), The Cutting Edge: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in New Europe. Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar.

Papania, L., Shapiro, D., & Egri, C. P. (2007). Methanex: Developing an integrated strategy.

Papania, L., Shapiro, D., & Egri, C. (2007). Methanex: An integrated strategy. Babson park, United States: The Case Centre - ECCH.

Papania, L. (2005). Maanda Manyatshe: A South African postal revolution. Babson park, United States: The Case Centre - ECCH.

Papania, L., & Cook, J. (2005). Dolly Mokgatle: Catching the next train. Babson park, United States: The Case Centre - ECCH.

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