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Michael Johnson

Senior Lecturer, Technology and Operations Management / Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Room: SGL 3615



B.Eng, M.A.Sc., PhD


Michael Johnson is a Lecturer at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. He is passionate about teaching statistics, business analytics and operations management courses and is the recipient of the 2011 Canada Trust Excellence in Teaching Award. Michael spent 10 years teaching in the Operations Management program at BCIT prior to joining the Beedie School of Business. Prior to carrying out his PhD, Michael worked for several years as an engineer improving productivity and operational work flows in high-tech, automotive and process related industries. He has also worked as a consultant on a number of industry and research related projects related to operations research and management science.

Research Interests

Business Analytics, Operations Research, Infodemiology/Infoveillance, Extended Producer Responsibility

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Johnson, M. R., Naik, H., Chan, W. S., Greiner, J., Michaleski, M., Liu, D., Silvestre, B., & McCarthy, I. P. (2023). Forecasting ward-level bed requirements to aid pandemic resource planning: Lessons learned and future directions. Health Care Management Science.

Johnson, M. R., & McCarthy, I. P. (2022). Cultural similarity and impartiality on voting bias: The case of FIFA's World's Best Male Football Player Award. PLoS ONE, 17(7 July).

Greiner, J., Naik, H., Johnson, M. R., Liu, D., Silvestre, B., Ballouk, H., & McCarthy, I. P. (2021). Learning from the first wave: Lessons about managing patient flow and resource utilization on medical wards at providence health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare, 9(2).

Naik, H., Johnson, M. D. D., & Johnson, M. R. (2021). Internet interest in colon cancer following the death of chadwick boseman: infoveillance study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 23(6).

McCarthy, I. P., Collard, M., & Johnson, M. (2017). Adaptive organizational resilience: an evolutionary perspective. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 28, 33-40.

Treen, E., Atanasova, C., Pitt, L., & Johnson, M. (2016). Evidence From a Large Sample on the Effects of Group Size and Decision-Making Time on Performance in a Marketing Simulation Game. Journal of Marketing Education, 38(2), 130-137.

Johnson, M. R., & McCarthy, I. P. (2014). Product recovery decisions within the context of Extended Producer Responsibility. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management - JET-M, 34, 9-28.

Spicer, A. J., & Johnson, M. R. (2004). Third-party demanufacturing as a solution for extended producer responsibility. Journal of Cleaner Production, 12(1), 37-45.

Johnson, M. R., & Wang, M. H. (2002). Evaluation policies and automotive recovery options according to the European Union Directive on end-of-life vehicles (ELV). Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, 216(9), 723-739.

Huang, H. H., Wang, M. H., & Johnson, M. R. (2000). Disassembly sequence generation using a neural network approach. Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 19(2), 73-82.

Johnson, M. R., & Wang, M. H. (1998). Economical evaluation of disassembly operations for recycling, remanufacturing and reuse. International Journal of Production Research, 36(12), 3227-3252.

Johnson, M. R., & Wang, M. H. (1995). Product disassembly analysis: A cost-benefit tradeoff approach. International Journal of Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing, 4(2), 19-28.

Wang, M. H., & Johnson, M. R. (1995). Planning product disassembly for material recovery opportunities. International Journal of Production Research, 33(11), 3119-3142.

books chapters and monographs

Johnson, M. R., & Wang, M. (2001). The economics of disassembly for material recovery opportunities. In Hundal, M. S. (Ed.), Mechanical life cycle handbook: Good environmental design and manufacturing. CRC Press.

Related Teaching Material

Chan, C., & Johnson, M. R. (2014). Business Statistics (4th Revision). BCIT.