Shuna Ho

PhD Student, Doctor of Philosophy Program - International Business / Strategy



Ms. Shuna Shu Ham Ho is a PhD Candidate in International Business and Strategy at Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University. Her research area lies generally in the interface between multinational corporations and their geographic and/or social environment. Her research is predominantly quantitative with frequent use of econometrics, spatial analytics, and data-mining methods. She is interested in teaching subject areas central to international business, such as global management, international entrepreneurship, and emerging markets, as well as technology management and supply chain management that are closely related. Having studied in multiple countries and being an educator in the discipline of international business, where cross-cultural differences play an important role in management, she is engaged in interculturalizing teaching and learning to promote inclusivity and to embrace diversity of students from different country of origins and/or backgrounds, who as future managers, need to be interculturally competent.

Research Interests

International Business
Economic Geography
Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Oh, C. H., Shapiro, D., & Ho, S. (2020). Location Matters: Valuing Firm-Specific Non-Market Risk in the Global Mining Industry. Strategic Management Journal.

Ho, S. H. (2013). Satellite imagery for urban air quality evaluation: Using Landsat and Systeme Pour l'Observation de la Terre image for particulate matter concentration retrieval. HKIE Transactions Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, 20(4), 196-205.