Srabana Dasgupta

  • Area Coordinator, Marketing
  • Associate Professor, Marketing
  • Ph.D (University of Southern California, Los Angeles), M.A. (Delhi School of Economics), B.A. (Jadavpur University)

    Burnaby Room: WMC 4366
    Burnaby Phone: 778.782.3652

    Email Address:

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    Research Interests

    Durable goods; pricing; choice models; models of information asymmetry

    Selected Publications

    Articles and Reports

    Zeng, X., Dasgupta, S., & Weinberg, C. B. (2014). The effects of a "no-haggle" channel on marketing strategies. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31(4), 434-443.

    Zeng, X., Dasgupta, S., & Weinberg, C. (2012). How good are you at getting a lower price: A field study of the us automobile market. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 35(2), 255-274.

    Zhu, R. (., Chen, X. (., & Dasgupta, S. (2008). Can trade-ins hurt you? Exploring the effect of a trade-in on consumers' willingness to pay for a new product. Journal of Marketing Research, 45(2), 159-170.

    Dasgupta, S., Siddarth, S., & Silva-Risso, J. (2007). Lease or buy? A structural model of a consumer’s vehicle and contract decisions. Journal of Marketing Research, 44(3), 490-502.

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