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Stephanie Bertels

Professor, Business and Society

Area Coordinator, Business & Society

W.J. VanDusen Professor


Room: SGL 4850

Phone: 778.782.5163



Ph.D. (Calgary); M.Sc.1999(Stanford); B.Sc.1997( Queen's)


Stephanie is the Director of SFU Beedie's Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability and the founder of the Embedding Project - a unique public-benefit research project that brings together leading global firms to help them embed sustainability across their operations and decision-making as well as to contribute to positive systems change. She is a regular thought partner for the executive teams and boards of global companies interested in improving their sustainability performance. 

Her research examines how companies transition to more sustainable operations, embed sustainability, and generate sustainable innovation. She teaches courses in managing innovation and change; sustainable operations; and managing for sustainability.


Research Interests

Embedding sustainability into organizational culture, sustainable innovation, strategic change towards sustainability, resilience and reliability

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Bertels, S., Watt, J., & Fabbro, A. (2022). Getting Started on Incorporating Sustainability Into Public Procurement: A Guide. Embedding Project.

Bertels, S., & Dekker, R. (2022). Sustainable Procurement: A Tip Sheet for SMEs. Embedding Project.

Dekker, R., & Bertels, S. (2022). Respecting Human Rights in Your Supply Chain: A Tip Sheet for SMEs. Embedding Project.

Feront, C., & Bertels, S. (2021). The Impact of Frame Ambiguity on Field-Level Change. Organization Studies, 42(7), 1135-1165.

Feront, C., Bertels, S., & Hamann, R. (2021). Becoming an Agent of Change: A Guide. Embedding Project.

Bertels, S., & Dekker, R. (2021). Scan: A Comprehensive List of Sustainability Issues for Companies. Embedding Project.

Bertels, S., & Strandberg-Salmon, M. (2021). Climate Change and Climate Risk Oversight: A Guide for Corporate Leaders and Directors. Embedding Project.

Bertels, S., & Dobson, R. (2020). Embedded Strategies for the Sustainability Transition: Setting Priorities and Goals Aligned with Systems Resilience. Embedding Project.

Schulschenk, J., & Bertels, S. (2019). Shaping Your Organisation's Narrative Infrastructure. Embedding Project.

Toews, B., & Bertels, S. (2019). Next Generation Governance: Emerging Trends in Climate Position Statements. Embedding Project.

Bertels, S., & Brandon, T. (2018). Next Generation Governance: Developing Position Statements on Sustainability Issues - A Guidebook for Supporting your Board. Publisher Unknown.

Hamann, R., & Bertels, S. (2018). The Institutional Work of Exploitation: Employers’ Work to Create and Perpetuate Inequality. Journal of Management Studies, 55(3), 394-423.

Bertels, S., & Lawrence, T. B. (2016). Organizational responses to institutional complexity stemming from emerging logics: The role of individuals. Strategic Organization, 14(4), 336-372.

Bertels, S., Schulschenk, J., Ferry, A., Otto-Mentz, V., & Speck, E. (2016). Supporting your CEO and their decision-making around sustainability. Embedding Project.

Bertels, S., Schulschenk, J., Ferry, A., Otto-Mentz, V., & Speck, E. (2016). Being an effective change agent. Embedding Project.

Bertels, S., Howard-Grenville, J., & Pek, S. (2016). Cultural molding, shielding, and shoring at Oilco: The role of culture in the integration of routines. Organization Science, 27(3), 573-593.

Bertels, S., Cody, M., & Pek, S. (2014). A responsive approach to organizational misconduct: Rehabilitation, reintegration, and the reduction of reoffense. Business Ethics Quarterly, 24(3), 343-370.

Bertels, S., Hoffman, A. J., & DeJordy, R. (2014). The Varied Work of Challenger Movements: Identifying Challenger Roles in the US Environmental Movement. Organization Studies, 35(8), 1171-1210.

Maguire, S., & Bertels, S. (2012, December). Chemistry and business that are benign by design: Leveraging the Canadian chemistry industry's leadership on sustainability. Catalyst: The Magazine of Canada's Chemistry Industry, Winter 2012, 19-20.

Bansal, P., Bertels, S., Ewart, T., MacConnachie, P., & O'Brien, J. (2012). Bridging the research-practice gap. Academy of Management Perspectives, 26(1), 73-92.

Robinson, M., Kleffner, A., & Bertels, S. (2011). Signaling Sustainability Leadership: Empirical Evidence of the Value of DJSI Membership. Journal of Business Ethics, 101(3), 493-505.

Bertels, S., van der Byl, C., Dillabough, J., & Bowen, F. (2011). Lessons for environmental regulatory compliance: Suncor's creative sentence - The Firebag case. Haskayne School of Business - University of Calgary.

Miller, K., Bertels, S., Graves, S. A., & Purkis, J. (2011). Embedding sustainability into the culture of municipal government. Network for Business Sustainability.

Bertels, S., Papania, L., & Papania, D. (2010). Embedding sustainability in organizational culture: A systematic review of the body of knowledge. Network for Business Sustainability.

Herremans, I. M., Herschovis, M. S., & Bertels, S. (2009). Leaders and laggards: The influence of competing logics on corporate environmental action. Journal of Business Ethics, 89(3), 449-472.

Bertels, S., & Peloza, J. (2008). Running to stand still: Managing CSR reputation in an era of rising expectations. Corporate Reputation Review, 11(1), 56-72.

Graham, R., & Bertels, S. (2006). Achieving sustainable value sustainability portfolio assessment. Greener Management International, 57-67.

Bertels, S., & Vredenburg, H. (2004). Broadening the notion of governance from the organization to the domain. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 15(Autumn), 33-47.

books chapters and monographs

Bertels, S., & Vredenburg, H. (2018). Broadening the notion of governance from the organisation to the domain: A study of municipal water systems in canada. Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Governance: Global Perspectives (pp. 24-40). Routledge.

Howard-Grenville, J., Bertels, S., & Lahneman, B. (2014). Sustainability: How it shapes organizational culture and climate. In Schneider, B., & Barbera, K. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate (pp. 257-275). Oxford University Press.

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Graham, R., & Bertels, S. (2009). Achieving sustainable value: Sustainability portfolio assessment. In Galea, C. (Ed.), Consulting for Business Sustainability (pp. 152-166). Greenleaf Publishing.

Related Teaching Material

Bertels, S., van der Byl, C., & Bowen, F. (2013). Environmental compliance at Suncor Energy's Firebag facility. Case ID:Ivey ID: 9B13M032..