Stephanie Bertels

  • Associate Professor, Technology and Operations Management
  • Ph.D. (Calgary); M.Sc.1999(Stanford); B.Sc.1997( Queen's)

    Segal Room: SGL 4850
    Segal Phone: 778.782.5163

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    Stephanie is the Director of the Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability and an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. She studies how organizations make the transition towards sustainability by undertaking practitioner informed research on sustainable operations, embedding sustainability and sustainable innovation.

    Stephanie founded and leads the Embedding Project (, a collaborative initiative between researchers and practitioners working to embed sustainability. She brings together companies from across industries and around the world, helping them learn from one another and to understand their own sustainability journeys. To date, Stephanie has worked with over two dozen global firms. She has developed an online knowledge portal featuring a curated selection of the most relevant tools and resources – including practical guides and worksheets developed through her own research – to help practitioners everywhere more effectively embed sustainability into their organizations.

    Stephanie teaches courses in managing innovation and change; sustainable operations; and managing for sustainability in both the undergraduate and MBA programs. Stephanie has a BSc in Geological Environmental Engineering, a MSc in Petroleum Engineering and a PhD in Strategy and Global Management and Sustainable Development. She has also worked in industry as an environmental engineering consultant with Golder Associates.

    Research Interests

    Embedding sustainability into organizational culture, sustainable innovation, strategic change towards sustainability, resilience and reliability

    Selected Publications

    Articles and Reports

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    Books, Book Chapters and Monographs

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    Teaching Related Material

    Bertels, S., van der Byl, C., & Bowen, F. (2013). Environmental compliance at Suncor Energy's Firebag facility. Toronto, Canada: Ivey Management Services.

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