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Sudheer Gupta

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Professor, Technology and Operations Management


Room: SGL 3245

Phone: 778.782.9321



B.E. (India), MBA (McGill), Ph.D. (McGill)


Assistant Professor: Ross School of Business, Univ of Michigan (1998-2005).

Visiting Professor: UC Berkeley (2006, 2014, 2018-), Johns Hopkins (2017-18), IIM Bangalore (2010), HEC Paris (2010), UT Austin (2009).

Director, Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies (2011-2018).

SFU President's Faculty Lecture, Feb 27, 2014 (available here on youtube): "Can Business Help Alleviate Poverty?"

Google Scholar Profile: Here.





Research Interests

Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Global Supply Networks
Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Inclusive Growth

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Dzharova, H. K., Gupta, S., & Ganesh, J. (2016). Waterhealth International in India: Crafting sustainable solutions for potable water. CASE Journal, 12(2), 156-168.

Gupta, S., Beninger, S. S. A., & Ganesh, J. (2015). A hybrid approach to innovation by social enterprises: Lessons from Africa. Social Enterprise Journal, 11(1), 89 - 112.

Dzharova, H. K., & Gupta, S. (2014). Nuru International: empowering farmers to fight extreme poverty. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.

Gupta, S., & Shapiro, D. (2014). Building and transforming an emerging market global enterprise: Lessons from the Infosys journey. Business Horizons, 57(2), 169-179.

Gupta, S., & Dzharova, H. (2014). Innovation and adaptation: Continuing the Infosys journey. In conversation with S. D. Shibulal, Co-founder, CEO & Managing Director, Infosys. IIMB Management Review, 26(4), 249-256.

Gupta, S., & Palsule-Desai, O. D. (2011). Sustainable supply chain management: Review and research opportunities. IIMB Management Review, 23(4), 234-245.

Li, Y., & Gupta, S. (2011). Strategic capability investments and competition for supply contracts. European Journal of Operational Research, 214(2), 273-283.

Subramanian, R., Talbot, B., & Gupta, S. (2010). An approach to integrating environmental considerations within managerial decision-making. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 14(3), 378-398.

Greenberg, J., Gupta, S., & Luo, X. (2009). Mutually acceptable courses of action. Economic Theory, 40(1), 91-112.

Subramanian, R., Gupta, S., & Talbot, B. (2009). Product design and supply chain coordination under extended producer responsibility. Production and Operations Management, 18(3), 259-277.

Gupta, S. (2008). Channel structure with knowledge spillovers. Marketing Science, 27(2), 247-261.

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Subramanian, R., Gupta, S., & Talbot, B. (2005). Emissions compliance strategies: A permits auction model. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 7(1), 85-88.

Gupta, S., & Loulou, R. (1998). Process Innovation, Product Differentiation, and Channel Structure: Strategic Incentives in a Duopoly. Marketing Science, 17(4), 301-316.

Gupta, S. (1998). A note on strategic choice of flexible production technologies and welfare implications. Journal of Industrial Economics, 46(3), 403.

Chandra, P., & Gupta, S. (1997). Managing batch processors to reduce lead time in a semiconductor packaging line. International Journal of Production Research, 35(3), 611-633.

books chapters and monographs

Gupta, S., & Vajic, M. (2000). The contextual and dialectical nature of experiences. In Fitzsimmons, J. A., Fitzsimmons, M. J., Fitzsimmons, J. A., & Fitzsimmons, M. J. (Eds.), New Service Development: Creating Memorable Experiences (pp. 33-51). Sage Publications, Inc (US).

Related Teaching Material

Robson, K. E., Beninger, S. S. A., & Gupta, S. (2013). Walmart's African Expansion. Case ID:Ivey ID: 9B13M111..

Gupta, S. (2005). Netflix, Inc. (A & B). .