Tim Ames

  • Visiting Lecturer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Surrey Room: SUR 5047
    Surrey Phone: 778.782.7492

    Email Address: timothyames@mac.com


    Tim is PLAN and Plan Institutes Executive Director; he manages both

    the leadership teams and the various initiatives bok PLAN & Plan Institute. Tim

    enjoys actively working with the boards of both organization’s and the

    many partnerships that are key to our success. Tim’s business

    experience is matched only by his intense passion for helping people

    discover and develop their passions to create a balanced life.

    Tim has over 25 years experience in Leadership, Global Business

    Development, Sales Management, and Personal Development, having

    worked in Canada, the US and the UK. He has been part of numerous

    start-ups to mature business stability and enjoys both challenging and

    collaborative working environments

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