Tom Culham

  • Visiting Lecturer, Strategy
  • Burnaby Room: WMC 3325
    Burnaby Phone: 778.782.5408

    Email Address:

    Selected Publications

    Articles and Reports

    Culham, T. (2015). Reuniting virtue and knowledge. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 49(2), 294-310.

    Culham, T. (2015). Virtue ethics as a framework for teaching and evaluating business ethics. Journal of Business Ethics Education, 12, 77-100.

    Culham, T. (2014). Cultivating compassion: A Daoist perspective. Philosophical Inquiry in Education, 21(2), 32-41.

    Culham, T. (2011). Empty container information management system: preliminary delivery and governance overview. Vancouver, Canada: Transport Canada.

    Culham, T., & Bai, H. (2011). Emotional intelligence meets virtue ethics: Implications for educators. Journal of Thought, 43(3&4), 25-43. DOI

    Culham, T. (2010). Lower Mainland Transload Mapping Study. Toronto, Canada: Transport Canada.

    Books, Book Chapters and Monographs

    Culham, T., & Lin, J. (2016). Exploring the unity of science and spirit: A Daoist perspective. In Lin, J., Oxford, R. L., Culham, T., & Culham, T. E. (Eds.), Toward a spiritual research paradigm: Exploring new ways of knowing, researching and being. (pp. 171-198). Charlotte, United States: Information Age Publishing Inc..

    Culham, T., Bai, H., Cohen, A., Park, S., Scott, C., & Tait, S. (2014). A call for wisdom in higher education: Voices of contemplative inquiry. In Gunnlaugson, O., Sarath, E. W., Scott, C., & Bai, H. (Eds.), Contemplative Learning and Inquiry across Disciplines. Albany, United States: SUNY Press.

    Culham, T. (2013). Ethics education of business leaders: Emotional intelligence, virtues and contemplative learning. Charlotte, United States: Information Age Publishing Inc..

    Culham, T., & Brantmeier, E. J. (2013). Embodied ethics. In Lin, J., & Oxford, R. L. (Eds.), Re-envisioning higher education: Embodied paths to wisdom and social transformation. Charlotte, United States: Information Age Publishing Inc..

    Culham, T., Bai, H., Cohen, A., & Fiorini, K. (2013). The circle of leadership integrity within business organizations. In Amann, W., & Stachowicz-Stanusch, A. (Eds.), Integrity in organizations - Building the foundations for humanistic management. New York, United States: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Culham, T. (2007). The leader's role in cultivating intuition in the workplace. In Huber, N. S., & Harvey, M. (Eds.), Leadership: Impact, Culture and Sustainability (BLB 2007) (pp. 37-45). San Francisco, United States: Jossey-Bass.

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