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Ying Duan

Associate Professor, Finance


Room: WMC 3345

Phone: 778.782.6784


Room: SUR 5045

Phone: 778.782.5285


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Selected Publications

articles and reports

Duan, Y., & Niu, J. (2020). Liquidity creation and bank profitability. North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 54.

Duan, Y., Hotchkiss, E. S., & Jiao, Y. (2018). Business Ties and Information Advantage: Evidence from Mutual Fund Trading. Contemporary Accounting Research, 35(2), 866-897.

Duan, Y., & Jiao, Y. (2016). The Role of Mutual Funds in Corporate Governance: Evidence from Mutual Funds' Proxy Voting and Trading Behavior. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 51(2), 489-513.

Duan, Y., Hu, G., & McLean, R. D. (2010). Costly arbitrage and idiosyncratic risk: Evidence from short sellers. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 19(4), 564-579.

Duan, Y., Hu, G., & McLean, R. D. (2009). When is stock picking likely to be successful? Evidence from mutual funds. Financial Analysts Journal, 65(2), 55-66.