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Zhanna Lyubykh

Assistant Professor, Management and Organization Studies


Room: WMC 3359



Ph.D. Organizational Behavior (University of Calgary)


Dr. Zhanna Lyubykh is an Assistant Professor in Management and Organization Studies at Beedie School of Business. She received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the University of Calgary. Her research focuses on how to make work experiences enjoyable (or at least more tolerable) for employees.

Research Interests

Workplace harassment; Bystanders; Well-being; Leadership practices; Stigma

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Vranjes, I., Lyubykh, Z., Herschovis, S., & Caza, B. (2023). Understanding perpetrator reactions to bystander intervention in interpersonal workplace aggression. Academy of Management Review.

Lyubykh, Z., & Gulseren, D. B. (2023, May). How to Take Better Breaks at Work, According to Research. Harvard Business Review.,gazing%20out%20of%20the%20window.

Lyubykh, Z., Barclay, L., Fortin, M., Bashshur, M., & Khakhar, M. (2022). Why, how, and when divergent perceptions become dysfunctional in organizations: A Motivated cognition perspective. Research in Organizational Behavior.

Lyubykh, Z., Gulseren, D., Premji, Z., Wingate, T., Connie, D., Bélanger, L., & Turner, N. (2022). Role of work breaks in well-being and performance: A systematic review and future research agenda. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Lyubykh, Z., Gulseren, D., Turner, N., Barling, J., & Seifert, M. (2022). Shared transformational leadership and safety behaviours of employees, leaders, and teams: A multilevel investigation. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 95(2), 431-458.

Lyubykh, Z., Bozeman, J., Hershcovis, S., & Turner, N. (2022, April). Abusive bosses often blame a worker's lack of effort or care for poor performance when it's their own biases that may be the problem. Conversation.

Lyubykh, Z., Bozeman, J., Hershcovis, S., Turner, N., & Shan, V. (2022). Employee performance and abusive supervision: The role of supervisor over-attributions. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 43(1), 125-145.

Lyubykh, Z., Dupré, K. E., Barling, J., & Turner, N. (2022). Retaliating against abusive supervision with aggression and violence: The moderating role of organizational intolerance of aggression. Work and Stress, 36(2), 164-182.

Lyubykh, Z., Turner, N., Hershcovis, M. S., & Deng, C. (2022). A Meta-Analysis of Leadership and Workplace Safety: Examining Relative Importance, Contextual Contingencies, and Methodological Moderators. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Gulseren, D., Lyubykh, Z., & Turner, N. (2021). Reimagining work safety behaviors in the light of COVID-19. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 14(1-2), 214-216.

Lyubykh, Z., Turner, N., Barling, J., Reich, T. C., & Batten, S. (2021). Employee disability disclosure and managerial prejudices in the return-to-work context. Personnel Review, 50(2), 770-788.

Reich, T. C., Hershcovis, S., Lyubykh, Z., Niven, K., Parker, S. K., & Stride, C. B. (2021). Observer Reactions to Workplace Mistreatment: It's a Matter of Perspective. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 26(5), 374-392.

Koc, Y., Gulseren, D., & Lyubykh, Z. (2021). Masculinity Contest Culture Reduces Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Through Decreased Organizational Identification. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 27(2), 408-416.

Lyubykh, Z., Ansari, M., Williams-Whitt, K., & Kristman, V. (2020). Disability Severity, Leader-Member Exchange, and Attitudinal Outcomes: Considering the Employee and Supervisor Perspectives. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 30(4), 613-623.

books chapters and monographs

Gulseren, D. B., & Lyubykh, Z. (2023). Leadership Interventions to Foster Mental Health and Work Well-being. Routledge Companion to Mental Health at Work (pp. 198-217). Routledge.

Vranjes, I., & Lyubykh, Z. (2021). Workplace mistreatment: A review and agenda for research. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management. Oxford University Press.

Vranjes, I., Lyubykh, Z., & Hershcovis, M. S. (2021). Observer interventions in workplace aggression: The state of the art and future directions. In Kelloway, E. K., & Cooper, S. C. (Eds.), A Research Agenda for Workplace Stress and Wellbeing (pp. 73-90). Edward Elgar Publishing (UK).

Lyubykh, Z., Hershcovis, S., & Turner, N. (2020). Understanding the role of affect in workplace aggression. The Cambridge Handbook of Workplace Affect (pp. 270-283). Cambridge University Press.