Growing the wealth
of our nations

Indigenous Business Leadership Executive MBA


This program is not eligible for international students at this time. Our international students are encouraged to explore our Full-Time MBA, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration or Master of Science in Finance programs.

The Indigenous Business Leadership Executive MBA is a dynamic program. It integrates content to meet the needs, values, understandings, protocols, and aspirations of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. However, it is not just what you learn; the learning experience is as beneficial as the content.

Learn by doing


The program runs over two years, with intensive in-class components for an average of 30 to 35 days per year. This face-to-face learning experience is a significant feature of the IBL EMBA. Between sessions, you maintain communication with your teams to complete individual assignments and group projects.

Build local and global connections

The program offers the opportunity to network with people from different Nations, students, and business representatives, as well as with other universities with Indigenous-focused business leadership programming and events.

An interactive experience

Classes are highly interactive and vary from lectures to group presentations and simulations. Many of the readings are real-life cases that form the basis for discussion and assignments. You will study with a supportive group who understands the unique challenges, history and world views of Indigenous peoples.

Apply what you learn

The IBL EMBA curriculum emphasizes integrated understanding and practical application to a variety of business situation. It respects that other forms of knowledge and ways of knowing are also important and valuable. You will be provided opportunities to contribute your work experience to the discussions and assignments. The program provides tools that can instantly be used in your current work environment.

Our cohort method

You will travel through the program with the same cohort, enabling you to build strong friendships and expand your network. Students will be assigned to small, self-managed teams of four to five people who will work together on projects. Sometimes these groups may change from course to course. The vibrant business, cultural and life experience of each student, adds immeasurably to the class and team experience.

Class profile

IBL EMBA participants are proven leaders who share a passion and background in Indigenous business development and Nation building through economic reconciliation.

Your classmates may include:

  • Indigenous community leaders
  • Individuals managing an Indigenous business or collection of business ventures
  • Leaders in Indigenous organizations (including health and education service delivery organizations)
  • Board directors or senior staff of an Indigenous economic development corporation
  • Managers working for any business in Indigenous relations
  • Individuals managing large-scale projects that require significant interaction with Indigenous communities and businesses