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The Investment Team


Macro Team

Claude Lamothe

Chief Economist

Zhehong Jiang (Jessie)

Capital Market Analyst, Macro - Canada

Jamie Cain

Capital Market Analyst, Macro - Developed

Lin Gao

Capital Market Analyst, ETF - Developed

Yingyi Liao (Valerie)

Capital Market Analyst, Macro - Emerging Markets

Yiyi Zhang (Chelsea)

Capital Market Analyst, ETF - Emerging Markets

Selina Li

Capital Market Analyst, ETF - Europe

Xin Huang (Felix)

Capital Market Analyst, Macro - Europe

Ping Feng (Toby)

Capital Market Analyst, Operations

Canadian Equity Team

David Jiang

Portfolio Manager & ESG

Jennifer Tu

Analyst, Consumer Discretionary

Dongshu Li (Sia)

Analyst, Consumer Discretionary

Frank Lu

Analyst, Consumer Staples/Industrials

Yining Wang (Irene)

Analyst, Consumer Staples

Shreya Patel

Analyst, Energy

Qihang Yang (Ansen)

Analyst, Energy

Jiawei Wang (David)

Analyst, Energy

Yash Doshi

Analyst, Financial

Akhil Bharadia

Analyst, Financial

Iftekhar Hasan Mahmud

Analyst, Financial

Kevin Han

Analyst, Industrials

Yue Yang

Analyst, IT

Li Ai (Ally)

Analyst, Materials

Yiyao Zhang

Analyst & ESG, Materials

Mekael Zafar Koreshi

Analyst, Materials

Zongjin Liu (Ryan)

Analyst, Real Estate (REITs)

Livia Wang

Analyst, Telecom

Saksham Bhatia

Analyst & ESG, Utility

Yashojjwal Mahendra

Analyst, Health Care (New)

Yudish Seetohul

Analyst, Financial

Global Equity Team

Khashayar Noroozzadeh Rahimi

Portfolio Manager

Sadam Abdi

Analyst & Trader, Communication Services

Tony Zhu

Analyst, Utilities

Jiayue Ding

Analyst, Industrials

Nan Zhang

Analyst, Energy

Iris Fan

ESG & Analyst, IT

Dan Wu

Analyst, Consumer Discretionary

Wenying Zhai

Analyst, Consumer Staples

Marcel Xiao

Analyst, IT

Haoyue Liu

ESG & Analyst, Materials

Priya Garg

Health care

Sanaz Tarverdian

Analyst, Financial

Md Ashraful Alam

Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Financial

Tunc Utku


Sina Fanian

Analyst & ESG, Consumer

Mynia Chen

Analyst, Basic Materials & Telecom

Xinwen Dong

Analyst, Industrial

Merck Gu

Analyst/Trader &ESG, Energy

Danni Wu

Analyst, Utilities

Priya Garg

Analyst Provincial & Govt.

Compliance Team

Gram Tang

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Loong Zuo


Christine Dao


Risk Team

Priyaadarshini Elango

Risk Analyst, Portfolio

Jingxuan (Jessie) Wu

ESG & Risk Analyst

Vivek Anand

Risk Analyst, Global Equity

Deepak Middha

Risk Analyst, FI/ETFs

ESG Team

Iris Fan

ESG Manager

David Jiang

ESG & Canadian Equity Portfolio, Manager

Haoyue Liu

ESG & Global Equity Analyst

Jingxuan (Jessie) Wu

Risk Analyst, Canadian Equity

Yiyao Zhang

ESG & Canadian Equity Analyst

Sina Fanian

ESG & Fixed Income Analyst

Merck Gu

ESG & Fixed Income, Analyst/Trader


Ziying Lu


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The MSc Finance program gave me the technical foundation that I couldn’t function without. I work with clients in very senior roles, and it’s important to demonstrate your technical knowledge to gain their trust.

Christine Jakshoej, MScFin

Head of Professional Services America


The learners I work with are 95% Indigenous, and I find that they become more interested and retain information more, when we speak and learn from an Indigenous lens. The Indigenous content integrated into the program has been very beneficial to me in terms of how I can incorporate Indigenous information into the curriculum I currently teach.

Wanda Rockthunder, EMBA IBL

Business Instructor, Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies

Cree, a citizen of the Muskowekwan First Nation, Saskatchewan

My key lessons from the program were learning how to effectively frame and structure a problem or situation, manage a tight schedule, know what to prioritize and how to prioritize it, and identify core problems quickly and addressing them.

Bobbie Dhillon, EMBA

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Planning

G&F Financial Group

The immediate impact of the GDBA has been a change in the way I approach my day professionally. I am equipped to make better decisions. My confidence level has been elevated significantly, and I am enjoying a new sense of optimism in my career.

Percival Chang, GDBA

Manager & Investment Funds Advisor

PH&N Investment Services

The i2I program is perfect for people like me who are deeply involved in science, and who want to look for opportunities in the business world. A program like this opens your mind and teaches you that there is another world of possibilities outside of the lab.

Elena Groppa, i2I

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine

University of British Columbia Biomedical Research Centre

The comprehensive simulations provided the greatest learning for me. They helped change my mindset and connect the different areas of learning into a comprehensive view of how an organization runs.

Matthew Grunert, MOT MBA

Sr. Director, Digital Operations & IT

Motorola Solutions

I always saw myself working beyond clinical pharmacy. I felt that I could also shine on the business side of healthcare. I knew that with my strong clinical training an MBA would help open more doors and give me the mobility I was looking for in my career.

Morenike Akinyemi, FT MBA

Senior Project Manager, Transformation Delivery

Provincial Health Services Authority

The Part-Time MBA was excellent. It gave me exactly what I expected to receive, and I think that is the highest compliment you can pay a program. It met all my expectations and provided a solid grounding in business skills and strategies.

Oliver Zihlmann, PT MBA

Director of Development and Alumni Engagement

UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

MSc Fin: Christine


EMBA: Bobbie

GDBA: Percival

i2I: Elena


FT MBA: Morenike

PT MBA: Oliver