Experiential PhD


Beedie PHD Program

The SFU Beedie PhD program offers core and methodology courses, along with advanced study in areas of specialization. You can expect an experiential PhD education that immerses you in research and seminars, and connects you to faculty members from the first day. You will receive mentoring and guidance to present your papers at conferences, as well as the opportunity to study abroad during your PhD.

All students specialize in a traditional business discipline while being exposed to areas of specializations and methodologies. The goal is to develop highly capable and intellectually broad scholars for careers in academia.

The program starts in September. You are expected to complete the program requirements within four to five years. See the areas of specialization below for details of each specialization.

During the first two years of the program, you will complete the course requirements and prepare for your comprehensive exam, which is taken during the summer of year 2.

In your second through fourth years of studies you are required to enroll in a research seminar course each year. You will contribute to the seminar series by inviting guest speakers and presenting your own work.

  • September start
  • Program completion between four to five years

The SFU Beedie PhD program is a per term fee program. Please refer to the University Calendar for the tuition fee schedule.

All fees are subject to change, provincial legislation and SFU Board of Governors approval.

Students admitted to the PhD program are guaranteed funding opportunities, which will be clearly stated in a student's offer of admission. Students are recommended for a Beedie Family Graduate Scholarship in addition to a Graduate Fellowship. The remainder of the funding will come from a Research Assistantships, and/or Teaching Assistantships.

In addition to this funding package, Students are awarded up to $1,850.00 per year to participate in workshops and conferences in each of their first four years. In their job market year, students may receive this amount in every term to facilitate their career advancement and job placement.

To be eligible to hold these scholarships, fellowships, and special travel opportunities, Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50.Many of our students in the past have been successful in obtaining outside fellowships such as the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council doctoral fellowship. Students will be able to keep 100% of the outside fellowships that they earn without affecting the value of their financial support from Beedie.

Students in the SFU Beedie PhD program take advanced study in one of eight specializations which branch out from the sub-disciplines:


Address accounting problems by applying the insights and tools gained from economics, finance, mathematics and statistics.



Collaboratively develop your own curriculum to meet the challenges and opportunities of business and finance theory and practice.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Engage with evolving contexts of national and global importance, and learn to apply innovation and entrepreneurship theory to challenges such as meeting climate emission goals and developing and adopting personalized medicine solutions.


International Business

Explore a deeper understanding of the organizational relationships of the multinational enterprise in the sociocultural, sociopolitical, institutional and economic contexts.



Choose from three tracks: Behavioural Marketing, Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Strategy. Each track allows students to focus on the area that best suits their background and interests.


Organizational Behaviour

Examine the behaviour of individuals, groups and organizations, and study the theory and methods from a broad range of disciplines.



Gain an understanding of the sources of the organization’s success and failure in an effort to create and defend a competitive advantage in changing environments.


Sustainability and Organizational Change

Engage in issues that are relevant to both public and private interests and gain the research skills required to create both positive organizational outcomes and broader social and environmental impact.


The Beedie School of Business academic research extends and redefines the boundaries of knowledge in the business discipline. Faculty research examines questions based on the sub-disciplines of:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Management and Organization Studies
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Technology and Operations Management