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SFU Beedie School of Business academic research extends and redefines the boundaries of knowledge in the business discipline. Our faculty’s research contributes to knowledge creation in these areas:

Accounting research produces, assesses, analyzes and employs financial and non-financial information that internal and external stakeholders of economic organizations find useful in making decisions. Stakeholder decisions employing accounting information range from the traditional to the socially relevant.

Our group conducts research at the interface between business and society in a variety of contexts, including the private, public, and social sectors. Our research and takes into consideration the natural, social, and cultural forces that shape societies and the constraints they place on growth, and seeks to support responsible decision-making.

Research interests and accomplishments within the group range from the highly theoretical to the practical. Active publications in top finance journals have given the group considerable international visibility.

The I&E area focuses on creating positive change through entrepreneurship and innovation of all types. Our research seeks to make meaningful and practical contributions to the aspirations, mindsets, organizations and ecosystems required to support social and economic value creation

The International Business Area focuses on understanding how employees, managers and organizations can thrive in an increasingly complex and dynamic global business environment. Our research revolves around strategic management of firms doing business across international boundaries and managing individuals in these organizations

Faculty members in Management Information Systems (MIS) examine information technology and information systems within an organizational context. The common thread throughout this body of research is rich interaction between people, processes and technology.

Our mission is to create and disseminate knowledge that furthers social and human sustainability. We focus in particular on the relationship between organizations and the health and well-being of individuals, organizations, families, communities and societies.

Our area's research focuses on a wide variety of topics in Marketing and related areas like international marketing, marketing and society and marketing and public policy.

The Strategy area enables students to pursue the study of broad strategic issues related to business. The area includes members trained in strategy, economics, sociology, social psychology, philosophy and law.

The Technology and Operations Management (TOM) Area focuses on the creation, design and operation of firms and their supply networks and the development and delivery of new technologies, products and services. TOM faculty are committed to generating, synthesizing, and disseminating knowledge on the formation and management of sustainable firms, processes and technologies.