Beyond Borders and Boundaries

Beedie Abroad Network

SFU Beedie Abroad Network is a social and cultural program that provides transitional support to inbound and outbound undergraduate mobility students. Study Abroad alumni are matched with inbound and nominated students, and receive formal mentoring and coaching training so they, in turn, can act as advocates, guides and sources of information throughout the Study Abroad experience.


This program plays an invaluable role in retention for nominated SFU Beedie students. Students are able to mentor other students and share their experiences in studying at the host institution, as well as academic, budget and travel advice.

Often, students sharing their experiences can help mitigate issues nominated students face, such as the fear of venturing out alone and the unknown aspects of studying and travelling abroad. Inbound students can be a part of this process as well, acting as advocates for their country and host institution, and providing valuable advice for nominated students pre-departure.

For inbound students, the program offers the opportunity to be a part of the larger SFU Beedie community. They’re introduced to many students and support programs through SFU Beedie Abroad Network, along with the opportunity to partake in cultural immersion activities throughout the term.


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