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Exchange Credit

SFU Beedie is proud to offer more than 65 collaborative partnerships with international universities from across the globe. With proper planning, these connections mean you’ll continue to earn credits towards your BBA degree during your Study Abroad term while paying regular SFU tuition fees.


Earning exchange credits towards your degree begins long before you embark on your study abroad term, and your SFU Beedie Study Abroad Advisor can help you build a successful study plan.

Course Evaluation

Research your Courses (pre-Exchange)

Start by choosing a host institution from our list of partner institutions and use the host institution’s website and our Course Planning Database to browse courses. If a course code and title are identical to the detailed outline from your host institution, assume you will receive the “SFU Equivalency” upon returning from your exchange. Do not re-submit courses if they are already in the Course Planning Database.

If a course code or title has changed, SFU Beedie must re-evaluate the course. Similarly, if a course is not in the Course Planning Database, it must undergo pre-evaluation.

Submit a Pre-Evaluation Request (pre-Exchange)

To request a course pre-evaluation, download the course syllabus from the host institution’s website and submit a new request on the SFU Beedie Database.

Evaluated courses in the Course Planning Database do not guarantee exchange credit, and SFU Beedie does not pre-approve exchange credit. however, SFU Beedie can pre-evaluate courses to enhance the likelihood of your courses receiving ISS exchange credit upon completion.

Your exchange course pre-approval request will take between 2-4 weeks to complete. Once processed, you will receive your results over email. See the rubric below to understand how an approved pre-approval request may be processed.

SFU Course Type
Upper Division BUS/BUEC requirement Areas of Concentration BUS 400-Level Requirement Non-BUS / Non-BUEC Requirements Total Unit Requirement
Evaluation Results
BUS 4XX (Concentration)1 X X X



BUS 3XX or GE 3XX3 X

(GE 3XX)
Not Enough Information to Evaluate The course outline was not detailed enough to evaluate this course. Please submit a detailed outline for re-evaluation.
Not Equivalent Although not equivalent to any BUS course, it may be equivalent to a course in another faculty at SFU.

Request Official Exchange Credit from ISS (on Exchange)

Once you have completed your course registration and do not anticipate any changes (i.e., while on exchange), you can begin the process of requesting official exchange credit.

Receiving Your Exchange Credits [Post Exchange]

Once you have completed your course registration and do not anticipate any changes (i.e., while on exchange), you can begin the process of requesting official exchange credit.

Consult the International Services for Students (ISS) Exchange Credit instructions on collecting and submitting the necessary course documentation.

Expect at least a one- to two-term wait for ISS to process your exchange credit. Finalized exchange credit won’t appear on your transcript until ISS receives your official transcript from your host institution. If you have any questions, please email

If you intend to graduate on an exchange semester, it is important to speak with your Study Abroad Advisor about processing times and potential graduation impacts. Please note that there could be delays to graduation if you intend to go on exchange in your last semester. It is important to meet with your Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your processing times.

Details on submitting and receiving credits are available on the ISS Exchange Credit webpage.


Not all courses are eligible for exchange credit or meet the requirements for “SFU Equivalency.” Geographical differences in terminology, course content, assessment, etc., make it critical that you evaluate the courses you wish to study before leaving on exchange.


Not all exchange credit courses meet a WQB requirement, and pre-assessment is not a guarantee. For WQB queries, email the Student Recruitment and Admission Office at and cc: on any requests.

Your questions answered

Your SFU Beedie Study Abroad Advisor can answer any questions you may have about exchange credit and course planning. Book a Study Abroad Advising appointment on Advisor Link.

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