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Interested in coming to Vancouver, Canada to study at SFU Beedie School of Business? First, find out if your home institution has an exchange/study abroad agreement with us by checking the Preferred Business Partners list.

If your school is listed, and you’re completing a major in business there, you must take at least three courses at SFU Beedie. All tuition should be paid at your home institution. Once we’ve accepted your application, our Study Abroad Advisor will be in touch and help you enroll in your courses.

Please note that the courses we offer vary from semester to semester, and your access to specific courses isn’t guaranteed. Final course outlines are typically available to students in the first week of the semester. You might find it useful to browse the outlines for previous semesters’ courses. However, bear in mind that previous content and texts may not be relevant to the courses you’re applying for. Use these older outlines as guidelines only. For more information, contact the Study Abroad Advisor at excredit_bsb@sfu.ca.

We recommend that students coming for exchange and study abroad take three to four classes (equal to nine to 12 units).

Your home institution might require you to take more classes and/or units (credits) than we recommend. Please ensure that you are meeting or exceeding your home institution's requirements, in addition to SFU Beedie’s requirements, while on your exchange/study abroad.

If you need to change your courses, please contact studyabroad_bsb@sfu.ca. We’ll be glad to help.

Exchange/study abroad students (not from Preferred Business Partners) may access the following courses if space is available:

  • BUS 221 - Personal Finance
  • BUS 233 - Introduction to Commercial Law & Business Ethics
  • BUS 237 - Introduction to Business Technology Management
  • BUS 238 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • BUS 251 - Financial Accounting I
  • BUS 272 - Behaviour in Organizations
  • BUS 291 - Canadian Business Environment

Please note that access to these courses will normally only be confirmed once you’re at SFU Beedie.

Exchange/study abroad students (including Business students from Preferred Business Partners) are not allowed to access any graduate level courses, or any of these courses:

  • BUS 200
  • BUS 201
  • BUS 202
  • BUS 216
  • BUS 311
  • BUS 320
  • BUS 321
  • BUS 322
  • BUS 329
  • BUS 340
  • BUS 341
  • BUS 360W
  • BUS 401
  • BUS 420
  • BUS 421
  • BUS 424
  • BUS 426
  • BUS 427

Our Accounting Concentration and Business Minor programs aren’t open to any exchange/study abroad students. However, SFU Beedie has a unique agreement with the Indian Institutes of Technology for access to BUS Minor courses. If you are an IIT student, please contact studyabroad_bsb@sfu.ca for more information.

Exchange/study abroad students not from Business Preferred Partners can access selected 300 and 400 division business administration courses if there is space available on the day before the term begins, and you meet the prerequisites for the requested course.

Your tuition should be paid at your home university as usual. You will be responsible for paying for your own International Medical Insurance and U-Pass student public transit pass, as well as any supplemental course fees and costs of materials.

Interested? If you are ready to study abroad at SFU Beedie, please follow our application process.

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