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You’ve researched our programs, explored our opportunities, and know SFU's Beedie School of Business is where you want to be. Continue your undergraduate education with us and get the tools and knowledge needed to launch your career in business. Your SFU Beedie story begins here.

This application is for you if you are transferring 24 or more college/university credits (except from Fraser International College), and have not completed any coursework at SFU.

If you have 0-23 credits of transferrable post-secondary coursework, your application is eligible for consideration under our High School Admission pathway.

Admission Evaluation

To gain admission to Simon Fraser University and the Beedie School of Business, you will be competitively selected and must satisfy the following:

By the document submission deadline, you must have:

  • 24 or more transferable credits complete or in-progress
  • The 4 required courses completed with a minimum C- grade

You will be evaluated for admission on your CGPA on all attempted transferable coursework and Supplemental Application. If a course has been repeated, the highest course attempt will be used in the CGPA calculation.

Required Courses

  1. ECON 103 Principles of Microeconomics (or ECON 113)
  2. ECON 105 Principles of Macroeconomics (or ECON 115)
  3. MATH 157 Calculus I for the Social Sciences (or MATH 150, 151, or 154)
  4. One of: Any 3- unit transferable ENGL course or PHIL 100W, 105, 110, 120W, 150 or WL 101W, 103W, 104W, 105W. 

Standard letter grades are required in all 4 required courses, with the exception of courses completed in Spring 2020.

Transfer Credit

The SFU Admissions Department will assess your transfer credit and a maximum of 60 credits can be transferred. Applicants within British Columbia (B.C.) should refer to the BC Transfer Guide for course transferability. Students outside of British Columbia may be encouraged to submit detailed course outlines in order for the SFU Admissions Department to assess specific course transfer credit.

Supplemental Application

Your grades matter, but so do your experiences, achievements and communication skills. The Supplemental Application brings to life your experiences and personality. It is your chance to share with us a complete picture of who you are, and why an SFU Beedie education is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Beedie School of Business recognizes that academics alone do not tell your whole story. Starting with the Fall 2024 intake, transfer applicants will demonstrate preparedness for our program through their efforts inside and outside of the classroom.

As an applicant, you will be evaluated on your CGPA and a Supplemental Application. The Supplemental Application is a space to showcase your personal experiences, achievements and communication skills. You have worked hard, and we want to better understand the person behind your grades!

A driving goal for our new admission model is to increase accessibility for students wishing to transfer into our program. You will have greater freedom over where you study, what you take, and how you prepare yourself for SFU Beedie. Admission success will continue to be based on the size and competitiveness of the applicant pool.

A CGPA allows our admissions team to assess your performance in all academic subjects, and is aligned with College/University Transfer requirements across SFU.

The 4 required courses assess fundamental qualitative and quantitative skills, are universally recognized, and commonly used for business school admission. These courses are built into the first year of our BBA program.

Aside from the 4 required courses, you have the flexibility to choose the remaining courses that satisfy the 24 transfer credit minimum to apply to SFU. Students wishing to stay on-track with our first year BBA requirements are encouraged to review our Degree Checklists by year and connect with a Beedie Academic Advisor for guidance on term and degree course planning. 

The Beedie School of Business accepts applications for our Fall (September), Spring (January), and Summer (May) terms for students applying through the College/University Transfer pathway.

No. Applicants are able to apply for a Joint Major program or declare a Business Concentration(s) once they have been accepted to the program. For more information on our nine concentrations, including Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Strategic Analysis and more, visit Concentrations.

The SFU Admissions Department requests, receives, and evaluates all documents (e.g. transcripts, English language requirement test scores etc.) for admission. Required documents for admission can be reviewed in your Student Center once you have submitted your application through EducationPlannerBC.

Your Supplemental Application will be evaluated by SFU Beedie's Supplemental Evaluation Committee. Applicants are competitively selected for admission based on a combination of their academic performance and Supplemental Application.

You may review your item statuses by reviewing the To Do List in your Student Center. Items that have been received by SFU Admissions will have a green check mark.

Applicants must present a minimum 2.67 CGPA to be eligible for admission consideration. Please also refer to the minimum GPA requirements for admission consideration to SFU.

You may complete any missing course(s) at another institution (review the BC Transfer Guide for eligible courses), or apply to another Faculty at SFU and if admitted, pursue our Internal Transfer admission pathway for current SFU students. 

Your CGPA for admission is calculated on all transferable courses attempted. If you repeat a transferable course for admission, the highest course attempt will be used in the GPA calculation.

At the SFU Beedie School of Business, we believe marks matter, but so do your experiences, achievements, and communications skills. That’s why we’re asking you to submit your original work, without the assistance of ChatGPT, etc. Large language models such as ChatGPT and others reduce your voice and creativeness in your responses. We’re not looking for a perfect response. We’re looking to learn more about you, your experiences, and why you want to study at the SFU Beedie School of Business.

You will have access to the Beedie Supplemental Application once you receive an email confirming your SFU Student ID number and password.  

You can login to the Supplemental Application Portal via the link provided on your goSFU To Do List.

Yes. SFU Beedie School of Business applicants with a complete and eligible Supplemental Indigenous Undergraduate Admission form are not required to submit the Beedie Supplemental Application. Connect with SFU's Indigenous Student Recruitment team for details on the application process.

Tuition and fees vary depending on the subject area and number of units taken per term. Please see the SFU Typical Costs page to calculate your tuition estimate per term.  

Students have access to a wide variety of funding options, and SFU Beedie students earned $2.8 million in scholarships, awards and bursaries last year! Learn more about your funding options here

Applications are evaluated on an ongoing, rolling basis. Please ensure you submit your documents, and any other To Do List items in a timely manner. Updates on your admission status will be visible in your Student Center.

Please see here for more information on how to apply for readmission or reactivation to SFU.

Admission to the Beedie School of Business is based on multiple factors, including the number of spaces we have available in our program and the size and competitiveness of the applicant pool. College/University Transfer Applicants are able to view their specific cancellation reason in goSFU by clicking through the Admissions panel at the bottom of your Student Center. If you require further clarification as to why your application has been cancelled, please contact our office at

If you have been offered admission to your alternate choice program at SFU, you may submit an appeal to the Beedie School of Business Appeals Committee provided you meet eligible grounds for an appeal. Please review appeal eligibility and instructions on our website. 

If you are not accepted to your alternate choice program, or did not indicate one, appeals may be submitted to the SFU Senate Appeals Board. Details on this process can be found on their website

Connect with Us

Learn more about the program and get in touch with our recruitment and admissions team.

I want to work for companies that don’t just make a profit, but try to make a positive impact in the world, and of course, are in fashion.

Rosa Tang

BBA Alumnus


I'm working on starting EDGE SFU to support students who might not have the same opportunities as other students. The goal is to help to provide financial support, scholarships, and job postings. It’s a lot of work getting this club off the ground, but I enjoy helping other students.

Avedeep Nijjar

BBA Candidate

MIS & Finance

A lot of students don’t follow a traditional path through university, and that’s ok.

Enoch Weng

BBA Alumnus


The most important thing is to get involved. It’s up to you to make this as enriching as possible, and all you have to do is raise your hand to volunteer or participate in events and clubs.

Irene Chang

BBA Candidate


The flexibility SFU Beedie offers enabled me to combine my interests in my joint major in international business and economics, but also offered so much through experiential learning and opportunities to get involved. There is so much that the time passes very quickly, so it’s important to make the most of it while you can.

Sasha Vukovic

BBA Alumnus

International Business

I know that whatever I do, the education I gained from my SFU Beedie experience will help me to bring about change.

Alain Ndayishimiye

BBA Alumnus

Human Resources Management

You will never know unless you try. There are always going to be opportunities to add value – it's just a matter of how you view it. Whether it is signing up for a case competition, or events and information sessions, or reaching out to senior students to ask them about their experiences, make the most of it and get involved.

Tommy Goana

Business Honours Candidate

Marketing, MIS, Certificate in Business Analytics & Decision Making, and Charles Chang Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

When I took some classes at SFU's Beedie School of Business, I realized how much I loved the business aspect of things

Ben Hellner

BBA Alumnus

Management Information Systems

I felt really supported at SFU Beedie and because of that, I was able to accomplish so much.

Becky Wong

BBA Alumnus


SFU Beedie gave me an opportunity to shape my professional goals and define my core values.

Natasha Tsoy

BBA Alumnus

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Design and business come hand in hand in industry, and my SFU Beedie education gave me a unique way of thinking.

Taylor Ward

BBA Alumnus

Joint Program


MIS & Finance



International Business

HR Management

Marketing & MIS

Management Information Systems


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Joint Major