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SFU Beedie School of Business academic research extends and redefines the boundaries of knowledge in the business discipline. Our faculty’s research contributes to knowledge creation in the areas of:


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The research centres and groups at SFU Beedie bring together research and practice to address today’s pressing business issues.

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Workplace tensions: How and when bystanders can make a difference

Nov 21, 2023

Recent Publications

Toniolo-Barrios, M., & ten Brummelhuis, L. L. (2023). How does mindfulness reduce stress at work? A two-study examination using a stress appraisal perspective. Personality and Individual Differences, 215.

Li, Q., Wang, S., & Song, V. (2023). Product competition, political connections, and the costs of high leverage. Journal of Empirical Finance, 74.

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Renowned worldwide, our faculty are known for their cutting-edge academic research. They also have a strong commitment to teaching and bring years of industry, management, and career experience into every classroom.

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