Recent Publications

  • Eapen, A., & Krishnan, R. (2018). Transferring Tacit Know-How: Do Opportunism Safeguards Matter for Firm Boundary Decisions? Organization Science, 1-20.
  • Pitt, C. S., Mulvey, M., & Kietzmann, J. H. (2018). Quantitative insights from online qualitative data: An example from the health care sector. Psychology and Marketing, 35(12), 1010-1017.
  • Hughes, A., Park, A., Kietzmann, J. H., & Archer-Brown, C. (2018). Beyond Bitcoin: What blockchain and distributed ledger technologies mean for firms. Business Horizons, 62(3), 273-281.
  • Shapiro, D., & Oh, C. H. (2018). Editorial. Multinational Business Review, 27(1), 2-3.
  • Chung, D., Hrazdil, K., Novak, J., & Suwanyangyuan, N. (2018). Does the Large Amount of Information in Corporate Disclosures Hinder or Enhance Price Discovery in the Capital Market? Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, 15(1), 36-52.

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