Recent Publications

  • Berthon, P., Pitt, L. F., & Campbell, C. (2018). Addictive De-Vices: A Public Policy Analysis of Sources and Solutions to Digital Addiction. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 38(4), 451-468.
  • Flostrand, A. D., Pitt, L. F., & Kietzmann, J. H. (2018). Fake news and brand management: a Delphi study of impact, vulnerability and mitigation. Journal of Product and Brand Management.
  • Atanasova, C., Li, M., Mugerman, Y., & Rastan, M. (2018). Government guarantees and the risk-taking of financial institutions: evidence from a regulatory experiment. Journal of Asset Management, 1-17.
  • Dabirian, A., Berthon, P., & Kietzmann, J. H. (2018). Enticing the IT crowd: employer branding in the information economy. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 1-7.
  • Trevino, L. J., Egri, C., Ralston, D. A., Naoumova, I., Furrer, O., Li, Y., ... de la Garza Carranza, M. T. (2018). A multi-country, multi-sector replication challenge to the validity of the cultural tightness-looseness measure. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 1-30.

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