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NamePositionSpecialization & Research Interests
Dennis ChungProfessor, Accounting Liquidity, Investor Protection, Market Behaviour
Craig EmbyProfessor, Accounting Human information processing / judgment, decision making, particularly professional judgment in accounting and auditing.
Michael Favere-MarchesiAssociate Professor, Accounting Audit Judgment and Decision-Making; Fraud; Comparative Audit Markets and Systems; Cultural Influences on Accounting and Controls; International Accounting Differences; Internal Auditing
Teresa FungLecturer, Accounting
Irene M. GordonProfessor, Accounting Accounting theory; Financial accounting; Accounting education; Accounting and corporate social responsibility.
Karel HrazdilAssociate Professor, Accounting Price formation process (market microstructure); Industry classification; Financial reporting quality
Johnny JermiasProfessor, Accounting

Judgment in Decision Making, Strategic Management Accounting, Performance Measurement and Productivity, Innovation in Management Accounting, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Disclosure.

E. Anne MacdonaldSenior Lecturer, Accounting Senior lecturer in financial accounting and auditing.
Fereshteh MahmoudianAssistant Professor, Accounting
Jamal A. NazariAssociate Professor, Accounting Environmental and social performance; sustainability reporting; corporate governance; intellectual capital; value relevance of accounting measures; methodological issues in accounting research
Hwee TanAssistant Professor, Accounting
Kim TrottierAssociate Professor, Accounting Mathematical modeling

Capital markets

Information economics
Ray ZhangAssistant Professor, Accounting
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