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NamePositionSpecialization & Research Interests
Ali DastmalchianProfessor, Management and Organization Studies and International Business

With over 100 publications and over 15 major research grants from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Dr. Dastmalchian has proven to be an experienced researcher. His research and teaching interests span organizational design and change, organizational culture and climate, cross-nation leadership, international management, and innovation.

Rajiv KozhikodeAssociate Professor, International Business / Management and Organization Studies

My primary research interest is in business-government relations and in particular the antecedents and consequences of various forms of corporate political activity. In my dissertation I examined how organizations and entrepreneurs manage institutional pluralism - spatial and temporal consistencies in the institutional prescriptions that guide organizational actions and nurture their identities. To study these issues, I used three rich archival datasets spanning over 50 years on the evolution of the Banking and News Paper industries in India. The first essay from my dissertation has appeared in the Academy of Management Journal, the second essay from it is being finalized for submission to American Journal of Sociology, a shorter version of it has appeared in the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings 2011, and the third essay is forthcoming in Organization Science. I am also interested in the sociological foundations of organizational misconduct. One of my recent papers in this topic is forthcoming in the Academy of Management Journal. I am also interested in organizational innovation in emerging economies in the Asia Pacific region. My papers in this topic has appeared in the Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Journal of International Management and Organizational Dynamics.

Rekha KrishnanAssociate Professor, International Business

Inter-organizational networks, Social Movement, Research Methods (Meta-analysis).

Mila LazarovaAssociate Professor, International Business Mila's research interests include expatriate management, with a focus on repatriation and the career impact of international assignments; work/life balance issues related to assignments; global careers and the role of organizational career development and mobility practices in organizations; the changing role of the HR department; and comparative human resource management.
Jing LiAssociate Professor, International Business & Canada Research Chair in Global Investment Strategy

International Investment Strategies, Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises, International Joint Ventures, Innovation in Emerging Markets

Chang Hoon OhProfessor, International Business

International Business Strategy;
Country Risk and Business Continuity;
Corporate Social Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises;
Globalization and Regionalization;
Business in Developing Countries;
Comparative Entrepreneurship.

Rosalie TungMing and Stella Wong Professor, International Business Comparative and Cross-cultural Management, Strategies for International Business, International Human Resources Management, Asia-Pacific Business, International Business Negotiations
Eric WerkerProfessor, Strategy and International Business
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