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NamePositionSpecialization & Research Interests
Srabana DasguptaAssociate Professor, Marketing and Strategy Durable goods; pricing; choice models; models of information asymmetry
June FrancisAssociate Professor, Marketing Geographical Indications, Intellectual Property law, Traditional knowledge, Poverty Alleaviation, Well-being in Extractive sectors, Scientific Research Collaboration, International marketing, negotiations/cross-cultural negotiations, exporting, small business development and government policies with respect to exporting.
Andrew HarriesTom Foord Associate Professor of Practice

Entrepreneurship & innovation; corporate innovation and the creation of substantially new businesses inside existing enterprises; financial strategies for new enterprises; product management; leadership and growth.

Jason HoAssociate Professor, Marketing Marketing Modeling, Entertainment Marketing, Viral Marketing
Steve KatesAssociate Professor, Marketing Brands, branding, brand management, children, consumer socialization, gender consumption, families, households, gay men.
Bob KriderProfessor, Marketing Competition dynamics, consumer biases and heuristics, entertainment industries, evolution of retail formats.
Lily LinAssistant Professor, Marketing

Social Influence; Social Norms; Consumer Punishment Behaviour; Self-Regulation; Motivation


Sarah LubikDirector of Entrepreneurship, SFU Co-Champion, Technology Entrepreneurship@SFU Lecturer, Entrepreneurship & Innovation University spin-outs; early-stage strategy formation; business models; commercialization of advanced technologies; partnerships; market selection; innovation ecosystems, and incubation.
Brent McFerranAssociate Professor, Marketing and W.J. VanDusen Professor

Social and interpersonal influences; Consumer identity; Moral psychology and prosocial behaviour.

Lisa PapaniaSenior Lecturer, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Product development and innovation; Sustainability/ circular economy; Idea-sharing, collaboration, team communication and performance

Leyland PittProfessor, Marketing and Dennis F. Culver EMBA Alumni Chair of Business

Services marketing; entrepreneurship and marketing strategy; marketing-information technology interface.

Yupin YangAssociate Professor, Marketing

Sports Marketing, Athlete Branding, Quantitative Marketing, Two-sided Matching Model, Search Advertising. 

Judy ZaichkowskyProfessor, Marketing Questionnaire Design, Measuring Abstract Constructs, Trademark Infringement, Brand Imitation, Consumer Behaviour, Counterfeiting, brand management, women on Boards
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