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NamePositionSpecialization & Research Interests
Robert AdamsonLecturer, Strategy Corporate governance, international and comparative corporate governance, risk management and risk governance, corporate and commercial law, regulation of financial institutions
Shafik BhallooAssociate Professor of Practice, Strategy

Commercial law, Labour and employment law, Human rights law and applied ethics

Daniela BlettnerAssociate Professor, Strategy / Technology and Operations Management Managerial and entrepreneurial cognition; Innovation; Strategic management; International management
Ed BukszarAssociate Professor, Strategy Strategy and Decision Making.
Kathleen BurkeSenior Lecturer, Strategy

Ethical decision making, Ethics pedagogy, Leadership and Communication.

Anthony ChanLecturer, Strategy, Innovation and Technology
Srabana DasguptaAssociate Professor, Marketing and Strategy Durable goods; pricing; choice models; models of information asymmetry
Eric GedajlovicBeedie Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Strategic Management, Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance; Family Business; Asian Business Enterprise, Innovation and Organizational Capabilities.
Ian McCarthyProfessor, Technology and Operations Management / Strategy

Operations management; outsoucing; mass customization; innovation management; user innovation; creative consumers; new product development; social media; gamification; taxonomy; cladistics; complexity theory; organizational design; change management

Mark MooreSenior Lecturer, Strategy

Cost-benefit analysis; social discounting; privatization and regulation; public policy analysis.

Karen RuckmanAssociate Professor, Strategy Technology management, R&D strategy, imitation strategy, acquisition motivation, biotechnology, software, licensing in the biotech sector, business level strategy in the Indian IT sector.
Daniel ShapiroProfessor, Global Business Strategy

Competitive Analysis and Strategy, International and Comparative Business, Managerial Economics/Economics of the Firm, Business and Government and Industrial Economics

Jerry SheppardAssociate Professor, Strategy Business policy; corporate failure and survival; business, government and society; corporate governance; interorganizational arrangements.
Pek SohProfessor, Strategy / Technology and Operations Management

Technology Strategy, Ecosystem Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social Networks, Strategic Alliances.

Andrew von NordenflychtAssociate Professor, Strategy

Disciplines: Strategy & Organization Theory

Research specialization: employee involvement in corporate governance (professional partnerships, ESOPs, high commitment work systems); history of corporate governance and ownership forms

Industry expertise: professional service firms; airlines

Eric WerkerProfessor, Strategy and International Business
Mark WexlerProfessor, Management and Organization Studies / Strategy Business Ethics, Management, Business and Society, Knowledge Management.
Peng ZhangAssistant Professor, Strategy
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