Technology and Operations Management

  • 2016
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NamePositionSpecialization & Research Interests
Stephanie BertelsAssociate Professor, Technology, Operations Management / Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Director, Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability Embedding sustainability into organizational culture, sustainable innovation, strategic change towards sustainability, resilience and reliability
Daniela BlettnerAssociate Professor, Strategy / Technology and Operations Management Managerial and entrepreneurial cognition; Innovation; Strategic management; International management
Sudheer GuptaProfessor, Technology & Operations Management

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Global Supply Networks

Emerging Markets and Economic Development

Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Inclusive Growth

Michael JohnsonSenior Lecturer, Technology and Operations Management Operations Management
Operations Research / Management Science
Extended Producer Responsibility
Product Remanufacturing and Recycling
Payman JulaAssociate Professor, Technology and Operations Management

Production Planning & Scheduling 
Healthcare Operations Modeling & Improvement
Supply Chain Management
Transportation and Logistics
Operations Management (Service & Manufacturing)

Srini KrishnamoorthyLecturer, Technology and Operations Management
Elicia MaineProfessor, Technology and Operations Management

Technology Innovation; Science & Technology Entrepreneurship; Technology-Market Matching; Science-Based Business; Innovation Policy

Ian McCarthyProfessor, Technology and Operations Management / Strategy

Operations management; outsoucing; mass customization; innovation management; user innovation; creative consumers; new product development; social media; gamification; taxonomy; cladistics; complexity theory; organizational design; change management

Pek SohProfessor, Strategy / Technology and Operations Management

Technology Strategy, Ecosystem Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social Networks, Strategic Alliances.

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