Our group conducts research at the interface between business and society. We explore responsible approaches to management in a variety of contexts, including the private, public, and social sectors. We explore dynamic and innovative business and societal solutions to complex problems. Our research and takes into consideration the natural, social, and cultural forces that shape societies and the constraints they place on growth and seeks to support responsible decision-making that acknowledges the impact of historical inequalities and the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Faculty Members' Latest Publications

Selmier II, W. T., & Oh, C. H. (2022). Global Closure, Crises and Financial Markets: A Commentary. In Mithani, M. A., Narula, R., Surdu, I., & Verbeke, A. (Eds.), Crises and Disruptions in International Business How Multinational Enterprises Respond to Crises (pp. 43-51). Palgrave Macmillan Cham. http://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-80383-4_3

Werker, E. (2022, March). The Russian economy is headed for collapse. The Conversation.

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Our Faculty



Email Address

Stephanie Bertels

Professor, Business and Society


Room: SGL 4850

Phone: 778.782.5163

Carolyn Egri

Professor, Management and Organization Studies / Business and Society

Ian McCarthy

Professor, Technology and Operations Management / Strategy / Business and Society / Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Room: SGL 3955

Phone: 778.782.5298

Chang Hoon Oh

Professor, International Business / Business and Society


Room: SGL 4920

Phone: 778.782.9206

Amir Rubin

Professor, Finance / Business and Society


Room: WMC 3313

Phone: 778.782.5834

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