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International Business

Today, all business is international business. The International Business Area focuses on understanding how employees, managers and organizations can thrive in an increasingly complex and dynamic global business environment. Our faculty members' research revolves around two main themes. The first is strategic management of firms that transact business across international boundaries, with special emphasis on international alliance performance and technology transfer and a significant focus on the Asia-Pacific region. The second theme has to do with managing individuals in organizations that transact business across borders. This includes topics such as global mobility, career management, development of intercultural competencies, and managing work interactions in multicultural settings. Other areas of interest and expertise include the development of intercultural competence, cross-cultural leader-member interactions, the management of multicultural groups and teams, and cross-border risk management.

Faculty Members' Latest Publications

Reiche, B. S., & Lazarova, M. B. (2024). Repatriation. Encyclopedia of International Strategic Management. Edward Elgar Publishing (UK).

Bazak, Y. L., Sander, B., Werker, E., Zhumatova, S., Worsnop, C. Z., & Lee, K. (2024). The economic impact of international travel measures used during the COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review. BMJ Global Health, 9(2).

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Our Faculty



Email Address

Rekha Krishnan

Professor, International Business

Finning Research Fellow


Room: WMC 4311

Phone: 778.782.3047

Mila Lazarova

Professor, International Business


Room: SGL 3275

Phone: 778.782.7709

Jing Li

Professor, International Business


Room: WMC 3347

Phone: 778.782.4568


Room: SGL 3725

Phone: 778.782.9321

Rosalie Tung

Professor, International Business


Room: WMC 3343

Phone: 778.782.3083

Eric Werker

Professor, Strategy / International Business / Business and Society


Room: SGL 4915

Phone: 778.782.7725

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