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Management Information Systems

Faculty members in Management Information Systems (MIS) examine information technology and information systems within an organizational context. Members of our group have established research programs that span a wide range of topics­. These include:

  • The application of new technologies including artificial intelligence, deep neural networks and social media analytics to solving business problems, as well as their adoption in businesses, project management methodologies, and industry-wide diffusion.
  • New methods for design of software systems, technology standardization and emergence digital platforms and ecosystems.
  • The strategic, economic and disruptive impacts of new technologies, their role in knowledge transfer and knowledge management between and within organizations
  • New domains of application such as on-line education, electronic government and online health communities

A diverse set of research methodologies and techniques are employed to investigate these topics, including big data analytics, econometric modelling, computer simulations, laboratory experiments, large-scale surveys, in-depth interviews and participant observation. The common thread throughout this body of research is rich interaction between people, processes and technology.

Faculty Members' Latest Publications

Kaushik, K., Mishra, A., & Cyr, D. (2023). 'Riding out the pandemic': The role of brand message appeals on social media in shaping consumer responses. Journal of Business Research, 155.

Nouri, E., Saraf, N., Goh, J., Dasgupta, S., & Cyr, D. (2022, December). The Contagion Process of Online Negative Discourse: Case of Celebrities' Suicide. In the Proceedings of the Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium on Analytics for Digital Frontiers

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Email Address

Dianne Cyr

Professor, Management and Information Systems / Management and Organization Studies / Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Room: SUR 5056

Phone: 778.782.7416

Andrew Gemino

Professor, Management Information Systems / Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Room: SGL 3245

Phone: 778.782.3653


Room: SUR 5013

Phone: 778.782.5156

Michael Parent

Professor, Management Information Systems


Room: SGL 3915

Phone: 778.782.5397

Blaize Horner Reich

Professor, Management Information Systems / Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Room: SGL 3315

Phone: 778.782.3574

Michael Brydon

Associate Professor, Management Information Systems


Room: WMC 3325

Phone: 778.782.5408


Room: SGL 3910

Phone: 778.782.9661

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