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The Strategy area enables students to pursue the study of broad strategic issues related to business. The area encourages students to study strategy, both from the perspective of corporate managers making strategic decisions and organizing their resources to implement them and from the perspective of those responsible for government regulatory policy or management of state-owned enterprises

Strategy is the most interdisciplinary of the areas within the Business Faculty. The area includes members trained in strategy, economics, sociology, social psychology, philosophy and law. Area members have published extensively in the areas of strategy, innovation, adoption of new technology, business ethics, natural resource policy and business ideology. Faculty members have also written texts and provided extensive consultant research.

Strategy faculty teach courses in strategy and public policy in the Executive MBA, Management of Technology MBA and undergraduate programs.

Faculty Members' Latest Publications

Lin, J., Culham, T., & Khoo, Y. (2023). Qi Vitality and Virtue Cultivation: Embodying and Educating for Eco-Cosmic Citizenry. In Mutanga, O., & Marovah, T. (Eds.), Southern Theories Contemporary and Future Challenges (pp. 33-52). Routledge.

Guo, Q., Zhang, P., Zhu, S., & Liu, J. (2023). Export market relatedness, geographical diversification and regional export growth in China. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 67, 336-346.

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Email Address

Eric Gedajlovic

Beedie Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Ian McCarthy

Professor, Technology and Operations Management / Strategy / Business and Society / Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Room: SGL 3955

Phone: 778.782.5298

Pek Soh

Professor, Strategy / Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Room: SGL 3905

Phone: 778.782.7921

Eric Werker

Professor, Strategy / International Business / Business and Society


Room: SGL 4915

Phone: 778.782.7725

Daniela Blettner

Associate Professor, Strategy / Technology and Operations Management / Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Room: WMC 4362

Phone: 778.782.3746

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