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New research into ever-changing issues, techniques and trends is crucial to developing well-structured and forward-thinking organizations.

The Beedie School of Business has research centres led by senior faculty, which investigate new knowledge and information related to today's business practices. These centres are the result of the direct involvement of the business community in supporting research at the Beedie School of Business.

Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Centre for Global Workforce Strategy

CPA Innovation Centre

Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies

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Global Leadership & Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness (GLOBE) Foundation

Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI)

Biotechnology Management

Recent Publications

  • Das, S., Mishra, A., & Cyr, D. (2018). Opportunity gone in a flash: Measurement of e-commerce service failure and justice with recovery as a source of e-loyalty. Decision Support Systems, 125(113130), 1-12.
  • Oh, C. H. (2018). Missing "society" in institutional approaches as social value creation in India and China. Critical Perspectives on International Business.
  • Robson, K. E., Wilson, M., & Pitt, L. F. (2018). Creating new products from old ones: Consumer motivations for innovating autonomously from firms. Technovation, 88, 1-13.
  • Pitt, C. S., Plangger, K. A., Botha, E., Kietzmann, J. H., & Pitt, L. F. (2018). How employees engage with B2B brands on social media: Word choice and verbal tone. Industrial Marketing Management, 81, 130-137.
  • Berthon, P., Pitt, L. F., & Campbell, C. (2018). Addictive De-Vices: A Public Policy Analysis of Sources and Solutions to Digital Addiction. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 38(4), 451-468.

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