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If you have studies you want to list here, please send an email to with the following information. Please send your listing in an email with ethics approval attachment (seeking approval from SFU Office of Research Ethics (ORE) is the sole responsibility of the researcher).

Study Title: A unique title used to identify your study

Researcher: The primary investigator and graduate student(s)

Description: A few sentences or a short paragraph about your research.

Eligibility (Target Participants): Any restrictions, such as if you only want students, specific majors, a certain age, etc.

Location: Where the participant will take part in the study (e.g., SFU campus, online).

Approximate Time Needed: How long will the study take from the participant

Compensation: How the participants will be compensated

Study End Date: When the study will be removed from the list. Studies labelled ongoing will remain on the list for one year or until you contact to remove them.

Project contact information: A name, email address/phone number so participants can contact you if interested.

Please note: This list is a posting service only. All research projects being conducted by SFU faculty, students, and staff, involving human participants are required to have a research ethics certificate before using this service and the use of this site needs to be specifically outlined in the research ethics application. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure proper ethics guidelines are being followed in using this list as an advertising space. For information on SFU Research Ethics, consult the Office of Research Ethics website.