Advance Your Career


The Graduate Career Management Centre supports and promotes your professional growth and development no matter where you are in your career journey whether you are at the start of your graduate program or long after you have graduated. We are always here for you.

Career Support Team

The Career Support Team is a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to your professional growth and development. We provide opportunities for you to unlock your full potential. Whether you already know where you want to go with your career or you’re exploring your options, we are here to support your career journey. We provide you with self-assessment tools and then give personalized coaching on how to map out future possibilities, assess your fit in the marketplace and tap into the hidden job market. You’ll have access to these services even after you’ve graduated.

Life-long Career Support

When you’ve completed your graduate school journey, it is not the end of our support for you. We are still here to provide career coaching and planning long after your graduation. We are unwavering in our commitment to helping you flourish in your chosen career path. We want to see you level up in your career and attain your professional goals. We are resolute in our decision to help you reach those career milestones and would love for you to stay in touch and continue accessing our support services and opportunities. You can think of us as your life-long partner in career success.