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To support you in your graduate student journey, you have access to several detailed guides on various topics, such as Networking, Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviewing, JobSearch and Salary Negotiation to help you in your career journey.


As part of your career development journey, we use CareerLeader, the leading business career self-assessment program to help you identify interests, motivators, skills, and possible career paths. Used at over 200 universities, CareerLeader is the standard at every leading business program around the world -- from Harvard to Stanford, London to Melbourne, and Buenos Aires to Shanghai. CareerLeader is the first step taken by most business students on the path to building their careers.

Additional External Resources

We provide access to external resources and tools to support you on your career journey. Utilize Jobscan for your career development and growth. This is a great tool to help you evaluate how you can stand out or gain a competitive advantage in the job market. Strengthen your LinkedIn experience through connecting with LinkedIn Guys for tips on how to leverage your LinkedIn profile while upskilling through LinkedIn Learning. You will have access to Management Consulted which offers you the opportunity to practice case interviews and prepare for management consulting. Practise and improve your interview skills by utilizing Interview Stream. Optimize your graduate school journey by complementing your experience in the classroom with valuable tools and resources for career success.

Job Board

Our students have access to new & exciting job listings are posted on our internal SFU Beedie Community platform on an ongoing basis. Once students identify job opportunities of interest to them, they can meet with an advisor for advice and feedback!

Learn more about our incredibly supportive and dedicated career team by visiting our Career Management Centre to find out how we can help you advance your career.