Advance Your Career

Career Development

Developing your skills both in and out of the classroom is an integral ingredient in career success. We can assist you with honing and leverage your skills, as well as gaining new in-demand skills for your professional growth. Whether it is supporting you to land your dream role or directing you to the information, tools and resources for your start-up, we are here to create opportunities that foster your growth and development.

Skill-building workshops and activities

We’re here to assist you through the entire job search process by delivering career-building workshops, providing employer mock interviews and networking events, and making personalized introductions within SFU Beedie’s extensive corporate network. Specific workshops include:

  • How to build and communicate your value

  • Interview techniques

  • Salary negotiating

  • LinkedIn

  • Resume & Cover Letter

Graduate Management Consulting Career Preparation (GMCCP) Program

We want to assist you in putting your best self forward and the GMCCP can support you in your endeavours. GMCCP focuses on introducing graduate students to the basics of preparing for a case interview. It is centred on structured analysis, logical reasoning and client-focused communication. You will be exposed to the case interview format and will practice some of the key skills that need to be mastered to be successful during a case interview. You will explore exciting topics such as how to structure a case interview, mental math, issue trees, interpreting visual information and effective presentations. Guest speakers and consultants will be invited to provide further insight into consulting and case interviews.

Company Tours

Want to gain an insider's view into an organization's culture, career opportunities, and hiring process? As a student, you will have access to our company tours. These sessions can occur either on-campus, virtual or hosted by a company at their location. As a student, you will have the opportunity to tour companies like:

  • Bestbuy

  • Colliers

  • RBC

  • SAP

  • Seaspan