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SFU Beedie Career Peers

SFU Beedie Career Peers offer confidential peer-to-peer support with navigating your business career. As mid-to-senior level Business major students, all Career Peers have recent experience with landing an internship, Co-op placement, and/or leadership role on campus. They provide one-to-one guidance from firsthand experience, helping fellow students navigate job search concerns and tackle career exploration.

SFU Beedie Career Peers can provide tailored feedback on your:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Networking Know-How
  • Interview Basics (preparation, dress code, etc.)
  • Concentration Selection

Career Peers are a great resource for anyone seeking additional support with kick-starting their career in business. To meet with one, drop-in during their scheduled hours via a Canvas link available on Beedie Community.

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Are you an engaged SFU Beedie student who enjoys giving back by guiding and mentoring others? Are you looking to solidify your inter-personal skills or build upon your client-facing and leadership experience?

SFU Beedie Career Peers receive training and supervision from staff at the Undergraduate Career Management Centre. They become proficient at leading collaborative coaching appointments and offering job search guidance while abiding by confidentiality protocols consistent with University policy.

New Career Peers are typically recruited into the program towards the end of every semester (e.g. November for a Spring start, March for a Summer start, and July for a Fall start). To learn more about the opportunity or to submit an application, please contact the program coordinator, Kristy Vail at

This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU.


Hi, I'm Sukhmani, a fourth year student at Beedie concentrating in Accounting. I have over 1.5 years of accounting experience, gained through roles with firms like BDO, KPMG and Motorola Solutions. I currently work as a Risk Consultant with BDO and will be pursuing my CPA at a public accounting firm post-graduation.

I received tremendous support from the Beedie Community during my job search process and am excited for the opportunity to pay this forward by becoming a Career Peer. Navigating your career, especially in the initial stages, is a rewarding albeit a challenging process, and as Career Peers, we are here to make this process a little easier for you. So, I encourage you to book a session to get all your career-related questions answered!

Career Advice: During university, focus on opportunities that allow you to build career relevant transferrable skills rather than job titles.

Favourite Quote: "Change is the only constant thing." - Heraclitus

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Hi! I’m Emily, a Beedie student concentrating in marketing and MIS. I came into university with no idea what I wanted to do after graduation, but I quickly developed an interest in strategy and analysis after competing in case competitions.

I’ve completed co-ops with multiple organizations across different industries, including Beedie’s CMC, Traction on Demand/Salesforce, and Procter and Gamble, where I’ve been invited to return for a full-time role. Within the Beedie community, I’ve been a TA for several classes, competed in multiple case competitions, and have been part of BASS and SMA.

I’m passionate about career development, and love helping others with their career journeys. Feel free to come chat about anything career or school related!

Career Advice: Don’t be afraid to reach out to people for advice or questions! Many people are willing to help out, and the worst someone can do is say no.

Favourite Quote: “When a traveler cannot find a path, sometimes he must make his own." – Will Wight

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When I graduated high school, I had trouble deciding what career path I wanted to pursue. I chose to explore business and commerce because of the agility, presence, and influence it has on our everyday lives.

Hey Everyone! My name is Fendi, and I am in my final year of study at the Beedie School of Business (BsB) concentrating in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Operations Management. I am also working towards a certificate in Business Technology Management (BTM). In my time at the BsB, I’ve had the opportunity to try a plethora of things from clubs and case competitions to campus jobs, with my most recent additions of a co-op placement and a career preparation program. In all of my experiences, I went in blind and with an open mind. As you can imagine, the learning curve was like climbing a mountain, but with towering boulders blocking the path. While I learned invaluable lessons and exponentially grew from each opportunity, in hindsight it would have been amazing to have a confidant to talk through my worries.

I am excited to join CMC as a Career Peer this semester and be the sounding board for any questions, interests, and curiosities you may have. I’d love to share my experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned so please feel free to reach out and connect!

Career Advice: Reach out! Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask and listen to different people’s journeys. Tacit knowledge, which is gained through living experiences, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Favourite Quote: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist

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