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Business Career Passport

Stand out in a competitive world with the skills developed in the Business Career Passport (BCP). Six mandatory workshops hone your interests and sharpen your focus, preparing you to apply for club positions, Co-ops, part-time jobs and more.

  • Self-Assessment & Finding Your Fit
  • Job Search Strategies & Career Management
  • Competitive Cover Letters
  • Professional Business Resume
  • Interview Preparation Tactics
  • Networking & Business Etiquette

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Career Passport (BCP) is a mandatory career readiness program for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) major students to learn foundational career skills in order to kick-start their career as a student and post-graduation. There are six mandatory workshops that need to be completed in full. Once you have completed a workshop, students will receive a milestone on your goSFU page. Students need to complete all six workshops and receive all six milestones within the first 12 months as a Beedie student.

There are six Business Career Passport workshops to complete:

  1. Self-Assessment & Finding Your Fit
  2. Job Search Strategies & Career Management
  3. Competitive Cover Letters
  4. Professional Business Resumes
  5. Interview Preparation & Tactics
  6. Networking & Business Etiquette

The workshops can be completed in any order.

If you started at the Beedie School of Business between Fall 2017 and Summer 2024, you must complete all six Business Career Passport workshops in your first 12 months at the Beedie School of Business. If you do not complete the six workshops in full, you will be blocked from course enrollment.

If you started at the Beedie School of Business before Fall 2017, the workshops must be completed before graduation. If you do not complete the six workshops in full, you will be blocked from graduation.

There are three parts to each workshop that need to be completed: pass the in-workshop quiz, attend the entire workshop, and the post-workshop assignment that is due one week after the workshop. All components must be completed in order for the workshop to be considered completed.

If one of these components are missed, the workshop will have to be repeated.

Canvas course: A few days after you register for your first workshop, you will receive an email that will give you access to the Passport Canvas course.

Pre-readings: There is about one hour of pre-readings to do before the workshop that will assist in taking the quiz. The pre-readings consist of articles, descriptions, videos, worksheets, tip sheets, checklists, and guides in order to aid your career learning.

In-class Quiz: The quiz is administered via Canvas, and during the workshop your facilitator will give you the unique password. The quiz is normally 10 minutes long and must be completed before you leave the workshop.

Workshop: You are expected to attend the full workshop and participate in it. The workshop usually lasts an hour.

Post-workshop Assignment: After the workshop, there is an assignment to complete on Canvas, that is due one week after the workshop. Once the assignment is submitted, it will be marked. If there is an issue with your assignment, someone from the CMC office will notify you.

Milestones: After the assignments are marked, then the milestones will be uploaded and will reflect on your goSFU.

You will find the workshops available for registration on Beedie Community under the Events calendar. The CMC hosts workshops on different days and times to accommodate students and their schedules. Additionally, we host multiple workshops (called intensives) at the beginning of the semester, end of the semester, and on the weekend once per month. These intensive sessions are where we run three workshops on the same day, at different times.

As the university has re-opened for in-person instruction, the Business Career Passport workshop have adopted a hybrid model. Some workshops are hosted in-person, and some are being hosted online via Zoom. Each workshop will specify if it is being held in-person or online on the registration page.

From the time of the workshop, to when the milestones are reflected on your goSFU page, it is about 2-4 weeks.

For students who started with SFU Beedie between Fall 2017 and Summer 2024, if the Business Career Passports are not completed within 12 months, then you will face a block on the next semester’s enrollment.

For students who started at the Beedie School of Business before the Fall of 2017, if the workshops are not completed by graduation, then the application for graduation may be rejected.

If you are having an issue during the workshop, please contact the workshop facilitator.

If you hare having an issue with registration, missing milestones, or anything else, please contact the Program Assistant at

If you cannot complete your Business Career Passport (BCP) requirements in the given timeframe, you will need to submit your appeal to the SFU Beedie School of Business Career Management Centre for consideration.

Basis of an Appeal include:

  • Medical: When a student suffered a medical condition that affected their ability to participate in and complete their BCP requirements.
  • Compassionate: When a student suffered a traumatic experience, such as a death in the family, that adversely affected their ability to participate.
  • Physically not located in the lower mainland: When a student cannot attend the in-person workshop because they are not present in the city to attend the workshop(s).
  • Other extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Appeals Not Considered:

  • Students believe that they do not need to complete the workshops. Business Career Passport (BCP) is a mandatory, Senate-approved program that all BBA majors admitted after Fall (September) 2012 must complete.

Submission of Appeal:

  • Appeal letter
  • Statement of the situation or event explaining why you are requesting the appeal (under 200 words)
  • Supporting documentation (i.e., medical note, flight ticket including associated dates of travel)

Please submit your appeal package by email to the CMC Programs Assistant:

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