Develop Your Career

Get Hired

Once you have figured out your career path, gained experience, and developed your network, it’s time to take the final step towards getting hired. Take the time to tailor your materials so you can make a positive and lasting impression.

CPA Recruit

Interested in becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)? Start your career journey with the CPA Recruit. This ongoing recruitment campaign is attended by local and national CPA firms who hire accounting students and graduates for full-time, summer, or Co-op positions up to one year in advance. The Career Management Centre, Business Co-op, and the Accounting Student Association (ASA) work together to coordinate the CPA Recruit and support you along the way.

Finance Recruit

Many banks and other financial firms complete the bulk of their campus recruiting a year in advance. They visit SFU Beedie each September to find the best fit for their organization. Banks hold recruiting events to meet students interested in working for their company upon graduation or as an intern during the summer. We add job postings to Beedie Community beginning in late August (for full-time jobs starting in the following year) and January (for summer internships).

Consulting Recruit

Are you a self-starter or changemaker? Do you enjoy analyzing, brainstorming, and problem-solving to help improve processes and make good businesses even better? Businesses often hire consultants to come up with great ideas and advice to provide lasting solutions to problems.

Each year, companies come to SFU Beedie in the Fall to recruit consultants up to one year in advance. Generally, they are interested in senior students who wish to work for their company upon graduation, or as a summer intern. We add job postings to Beedie Community beginning in late August (for full-time jobs beginning in the following year) and in January (for summer internships.)

BBA Breakfast Reception

Every year we invite local and national companies from various industries to visit SFU Beedie to recruit new talent for the upcoming year. The BBA Breakfast Reception and other networking events are an exclusive opportunity for you to connect with employers and secure a summer, Co-op or permanent position.

Apply for Jobs

Visit our job board on Beedie Community to browse a variety of full-time, part-time, long-term, short-term and internship opportunities.

Book a Mock Interview

A crucial step to landing a job is the interview. Be prepared and book a mock interview appointment with a Career Advisor so you can clearly articulate and impress potential employers.