Develop Your Career

Get Prepared

We’re here to support you through your journey from school to career. We’ll work with you to discover your skills and interests, and help prepare you for the working world. A combination of workshops and events leads you through a process of self-evaluation, reflection, and planning. You’ll identify and capitalize on opportunities to learn about your options and start your career. From there, build your brand and signal to potential employers that you are ready to lead.

Business Career Passport (BCP)

Stand out in a competitive world with the skills developed in the Business Career Passport (BCP). Six mandatory workshops hone your interests and sharpen your focus, preparing you to apply for club positions, Co-ops, part-time jobs and more.

  • Self-Assessment & Finding Your Fit
  • Job Search Strategies & Career Management
  • Competitive Cover Letters
  • Professional Business Resume
  • Interview Preparation Tactics
  • Networking & Business Etiquette

As part of the BUS 201 course component, BUS 201 Introduction to Business students complete the following workshops: Self-Assessment & Finding Your Fit, Job Search Strategies & Career Management, and Competitive Cover Letters workshops. Students must then sign-up for and complete the remaining workshops through Beedie Community outside of class time and within the first 12 months of admission to the SFU Beedie School of Business.

Students taking BUS 202 Foundations for Collaborative Work Environments can complete the Self-Assessment & Finding Your Fit workshop as part of the BUS 202 course component. You must sign-up for and complete the remainder of the workshops through Beedie Community outside of class time within your first 12 months at SFU Beedie. Students admitted prior to Fall 2017 must complete them before graduation.

We grade the Business Career Passport (BCP) on a complete/incomplete basis. To receive the complete credit for each workshop, students must:

  1. Sign-up for the workshops on Beedie Community under events.
  2. Complete Business Career Passport SFU Canvas Online components of the workshop
  3. Attend the in-person workshop on campus
  4. Complete an online deliverable post-workshop

Once the completed credit is awarded, it will appear on your SFU transcript.

If you cannot complete your Business Career Passport (BCP) requirements in the given timeframe, you will need to submit your appeal to the SFU Beedie School of Business Career Management Centre for consideration.

Basis of an Appeal include:

  • Medical: When a student suffered a medical condition that affected their ability to participate in and complete their BCP requirements.
  • Compassionate: When a student suffered a traumatic experience, such as a death in the family, that adversely affected their ability to participate.
  • Physically not located in the lower mainland: When a student cannot attend the in-person workshop because they are not present in the city to attend the workshop(s).
  • Other extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Appeals Not Considered:

  • Students believe that they do not need to complete the workshops. Business Career Passport (BCP) is a mandatory, Senate-approved program that all BBA majors admitted after Fall (September) 2012 must complete. 

Submission of Appeal:

  • Appeal letter
  • Statement of the situation or event explaining why you are requesting the appeal (under 200 words)
  • Supporting documentation (i.e., medical note, flight ticket including associated dates of travel)

Submit appeal package either by email or in-person to:

SFU Beedie School of Business, Career Management Centre
Burnaby Campus: West Mall Complex 2395

Name tags and business cards

Make a positive, lasting impact on potential employers with a professional name tag and business cards.

Through SFU Beedie, you can order a set of 100 business cards for $27.50 to hand out at networking events or job interviews.

  1. Complete the online order form.
  2. Review the information entered. If accurate, submit the form.
  3. Take a printed copy of your confirmation email with payment to the third floor Business General Office in West Mall Complex (Burnaby Campus). Orders are sent for printing only after payment is received. Business cards are $27.50 for 100 cards. We accept payment by cash or cheque.
  4. Business cards can take up to 3 weeks to print. You will need your Order ID to check your order status online. Once your order is ready, pick up your business cards at the Business General Office (West Mall Complex, 3rd floor, Burnaby campus).

Name badges are available to SFU Beedie students for only $5. However, if you have accumulated 60 credits or more in the BBA Program, SFU Beedie will subsidize the cost, and your name badge is free.

Note: If you have already purchased a name badge from previous semesters (the older version), you are welcome to use your current name badge. However, we encourage you to order the new version of the name badge to maintain branding consistency.

How to order:

Fill in the form.

If applicable, take your $5 cash payment to the 3rd floor SFU Beedie General Office. Bring your receipt to the Career Management Centre front desk immediately (WMC 2395, 2nd floor), to have your badge created on the spot.

Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

With over 500 million profiles, LinkedIn offers unrivaled access to professional networks and career opportunities. A LinkedIn profile makes it easier for employers to get to know you and for you to share the talents and skills that will help them grow.

To find out how you can build your online brand, and for assistance in setting up your own LinkedIn profile, make an appointment to see a Career Advisor. They’ll offer guidance on best practices and even assist with a headshot.