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Scholarships and Funding

Funding your degree through awards, scholarships, loans, and bursaries, as well as work experience opportunities are all options to consider. Learn more about setting yourself up for financial success at SFU Beedie and the advising resources available to support you.

The Uggla Family Scholarship

The Uggla Family Scholarship is an exciting new pathway to a brighter, more diverse future, made possible by a visionary commitment from SFU Beedie alumnus and business leader Lance Uggla (BBA ’85) and his family.

Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarships (Values range from $10,000 up to an amount sufficient to cover tuition and mandatory supplementary fees. Further funding, in the form of a living allowance, may be offered to support exceptionally talented students with demonstrated financial need.)

Lloyd-Carr Harris Foundation Entrance Scholarship in Business Administration ($20,000).

For information on other Entrance Awards and Bursaries, visit

  • SFU offers additional non-faculty specific scholarships, awards and bursaries for continuing SFU students. Domestic and international students can apply for these opportunities each term.
Each term, the Beedie School of Business offers departmental-nominated Scholarships and Awards for which eligible undergraduate students enrolled in the business program can apply.

Work Study

A Work-Study position is an opportunity to participate in research-based projects and earn a supplemental income. Students gain valuable experience connecting with various members of the SFU community while building their co-curricular record. You must complete a minimum of 100 hours in your Work-Study position.


Part-Time Work

With our flexible BBA program, a large number of SFU Beedie students work part-time while studying full-time. 50% of surveyed students indicated that they are working while going to school (66% of these students are working 10-29 hours per week).

SFU Beedie’s Career Management Centre supports students in their job search for part-time opportunities.


Co-op (Domestic or International)

SFU Beedie has one of the largest Co-op programs in Western Canada, allowing students to apply academic theory to paid, full-time work experience in their desired industries.

  • SFU Beedie secured 862 Co-op placements for students in 2022/23
  • Examples of SFU Beedie Co-op employers: Deloitte, EY, PWC, KPMG, SAP, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Facebook
  • Average salary for a 4 month term: $13,400
  • Co-op fees apply.



Many students take part in paid internship opportunities as on option for short-term work to gain relevant work experience. Internships are open to all SFU Beedie students regardless of GPA or academic standing.

The SFU Beedie’s Career Management Centre supports students in their job search for internships. Internships are open to all SFU Beedie students regardless of GPA or academic standing.


Government Student Loans and Grants

Government student loans and grants are an additional resource that Canadian or U.S. students can use to help fund their education.

SFU Financial Aid Advisors are here to help navigate funding options.

On-Campus Work Opportunities

There are many different opportunities on campus, from working in a research lab, acting as a campus tour guide or providing customer service in a restaurant.


Student Temporary Pool

SFU's Student Temporary Pool provides employment opportunities for qualified SFU students registered in credit courses in the semester of employment.


Teaching Assistantships

The Beedie School of Business welcomes qualified graduate and undergraduate students to apply for Teaching Assistant, Teaching Assistant/Marker, Open Lab Assistant, and Marker positions. Students must re-apply and be selected for TA positions each term.