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Frequently Asked Questions

A letter of intent should highlight skills, experience, and qualities related to the requirements of the scholarship or award.

Although there is a 500-word count limit, it is more important that the letter of intent not exceed two (2) pages.

The letter of intent should be addressed to the nomination committee (no specific names needed).

They are both basically the same thing. Some awards require an additional document such as a statement letter.

Letters of reference should be from the organization where the applicant took part in the activity and should be typed on the organization’s letterhead. Examples include: professors, student club leaders, etc. It should be someone who can speak to the applicant’s experience. Letters of reference from the applicant’s family and friends will not be accepted.

CSR verification is proof that you have taken part in a particular activity. Examples include: letters of reference on organizational letterhead from the person/organization that can speak to the applicant’s participation in that activity.

Complete applications for departmental awards and scholarships can be emailed to

The deadline varies from term-to-term, however, in Fall the date will fall in September, in Spring the date will fall in January, and in Summer, the date will fall in May.

Our Academic Advisors can help guide you with any questions you may have, however, we recommend emailing the Undergraduate Program Assistant at with questions regarding the application process. Award-specific questions should be directed to SFU Financial Aid and Awards at

We thank all applicants for their submissions, however, due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to each applicant confirming receipt. If you have sent your application to the correct email address (, you can consider that it has been successfully received and is under review.

All students are welcome to apply for awards, however, applicants who meet all the award/scholarship’s criteria will be weighted more heavily in the adjudication process.

Successful candidates will receive official confirmation via email from SFU Financial Aid and Awards approximately six to eight weeks after the application deadline.