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Academic Support & Skills

You are never alone on your SFU Beedie journey. As an SFU Beedie student, you have access to peer-based and professional support services, as well as embedded interpersonal and communication workshops aimed at helping you succeed. Develop core study strategies, refine your communication skills, work better in groups: Take advantage of resources that promote informed decision-making for your future.

Don’t know where to start? Help is available from our professional advisors and from students just like you who at one time asked the same questions.

SFU Beedie’s Business Writing Mentors program assists undergraduate students registered in business courses. Students benefit from practical resources designed to help them develop strong writing skills, and the program helps students with both short-term and long–term problems. Mentoring starts in Week 4 and runs through Week 13 and is held in WMC 4349.

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The SFU Library offers research tools exclusively for SFU Beedie students, including detailed guides for specific assignments in Business courses. There is also a dedicated Business Librarian at each campus.

Visit the Student Learning Commons for expert and friendly help with academic writing, learning, and study strategies, including time management.

THRIVE (Transfer students)

The THRIVE mentorship program helps transfer students to adjust to the SFU Beedie community. THRIVE pairs incoming transfer students (mentees) with previous transfer students (mentors) who help them with their educational journey by answering questions and providing a support system.

BASS Mentorship Program (Incoming High School Students)

    The BASS Mentorship Program (BMP) pairs first-year students with senior peers to offer insights and guidance. They’ll share their personal experiences with the opportunities SFU Beedie provides, and with the tools available to make informed decisions.

    How To: Determine Your SFU Business Course GPA

    Here's how you can run your advising transcript and check your overall Business course GPA.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Select Transcript: Advising from the drop-down menu and continue.

    Make sure it's sorted by Both, then continue.


    Wait a minute or two, then click refresh until the View PDF link is available.

    Look for your overall Business course GPA. Since your transcript is sorted by term and by subject, you can scroll down to the page that lists all of your Business courses. Underneath your courses, you will find your overall Business GPA, which includes all Business courses taken at SFU.

    THRIVE is a great platform to learn what Beedie has to offer, and what sort of concentrations and events that may interest you. The best part of the program is the ability to learn this information from a fellow transfer student that has been in your footsteps before.

    Zach Hetherington

    Past-Chair, THRIVE; BBA Major; MIS and Operations Concentrations; BADM Certificate

    I would 100% recommend the BASS Mentorship Program (BMP) program. You attend events, grow your network, receive one-on-one feedback from your mentor, network with industry professionals, test your skills in a pitch-off competition, and make a ton of friends along the way.The mentors the organizing committee select are all equally supportive and inspiring. They makeyou want to take advantage of the things they’ve accomplished and created a drive to work hard.

    Annabella Montagano

    Past BASS Mentorship Program (BMP) Participant; Current Director of Mentor Management, BMP; BBA Major